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Compare landlord insurance quotes

Landlord insurance covers property you lease to tenants. Buildings can include residential or commercial property, or a combination of both. Anybody making a profit from letting property to tenants requires landlord insurance.

Property owners and landlord insurance can cover damage to a building, its contents, and your liabilities — injuries occurring while at the property, for example.

No matter how many properties you need to insure – whether it’s a single buy-to-let or an extensive portfolio – we can help. Our team has decades of experience assisting landlords in sourcing the most comprehensive and suitable property owners’ insurance.

Get a Landlord Insurance Quote

What landlords insurance covers

Landlord cover, also known as ‘property owners’ insurance’, can cover both residential and commercial property.

We offer cover from a range of insurers, tailoring your quote to include a range of property owners’ policy options, such as:

  • Buildings insurance – covers material damage to buildings for insured perils, including fire, flood, storms, or earthquakes. We can also add additional cover for subsidence, landslip, and heave if required. Buildings insurance can provide up to £10 million of cover.
  • Landlord contents insurance – protects items included in a rental agreement, including furnished properties.
  • Property owners’ liability – Financial protection against injury claims from employees, tenants, and the public. This insurance can include legal defence costs and settlement of successful injury claims.
  • Accidental damage – Protects against unintentional damage to buildings or contents.
  • Legal expenses – Provides cover for legal expenses incurred as a landlord, such as evicting tenants.
  • Loss of rent and alternative accommodation expenses – This insurance covers situations where a property suffers damage to the extent that it’s inaccessible or uninhabitable, such as fire or flooding.
  • Unoccupied properties – Cover for both commercial and residential properties awaiting or in between tenants.
  • Property renovations – Covers buildings undergoing repair, refurbishment or renovations.
  • HMO properties – For multiple parties renting space in a single property, including residential properties with students, DSS, asylum seekers, etc.


Why choose Bollington for landlord cover?

  • Expertise spanning five decades
  • Access to a range of quotes from multiple insurers
  • Quick quote, instant cover
  • Buildings only cover or combined buildings and contents cover
  • Up to £10,000,000 buildings, loss of rent and content cover per location
  • Properties undergoing repair or renovations can be covered
  • Unoccupied properties – Commercial and Residential – covered
  • Multiple parties renting space in a single property
  • Residential properties with tenants including students, DSS, asylum seekers etc.

Types of property we cover

    Do I need landlord insurance?

    Every landlord should carefully consider their property insurance needs. Many mortgage lenders insist on adequate cover, so it pays to have the correct insurance in place. Please bear in mind that standard home insurance does not cover landlord responsibilities.

    There are many risks to consider when letting out property that make landlord insurance essential, including:

    • The cost of repairing or rebuilding your property.
    • The cost of defending injury claims from tenants, employees, or the public.
    • Any furnishings included in the property.
    • Temporary accommodation and lost income from tenants if your property suffers an insured peril, such as a fire or escape of water.

    These are just a handful of the risks you could face, so protect your investments and make landlord insurance a priority.

    How much does landlord’s insurance cost?

    A buy-to-let landlord insurance policy typically starts at around £132+IPT (insurance premium tax) per year*. The average cost of landlord insurance for a single residential property is around £150.

    However, your landlord insurance premium will vary greatly depending on whether commercial property or a portfolio is added to the policy.

    Find out more about the factors affecting the cost of landlord insurance.

    It’s easy to get a landlord insurance quote online for your buy-to-let property our quote engine just needa few details before providing you with landlord insurance costs from various providers. However, for more complex risks, including multiple properties or commercially let premises, please contact our team for a tailored quotation.

    How do I get cheap landlord insurance?

    There are several ways to reduce the cost of landlord insurance. Get a cheaper premium today by:

    • Securing your premises —Whether it’s residential or commercial property, strong security lowers the risk of property damage and theft. Fitting approved alarms, locks, and keeping the property occupied wherever possible could reduce your landlord insurance cost. It also helps to install CCTV where appropriate.
    • Insuring multiple properties on one policy — Save money in the long run by adding additional properties from your portfolio to the same policy.
    • Comparing quotes from different providers — We can search a panel of insurers to find the right cover at competitive prices. In doing so, it allows us to find you the most suitable landlords insurance.
    • Maintaining a good claims record —The more property claims you make, the riskier it is for insurers. Therefore, you must manage risks and avoid relying on insurance. However, don’t be afraid to claim where needed — landlord insurance is there to support you.

    What type of landlord insurance do I need?

    The answer to what type of landlord insurance you need depends on your circumstances.

    A simple buy-to-let or HMO policy can cover a single property, whereas you may need a more complex landlord insurance policy for commercial premises.

    We can help you arrange bespoke insurance based on the following:

    • Property size, type, and location (including high-risk areas).
    • Occupancy type (e.g., residential/commercial tenants).
    • The number of properties you want to cover.

    Get in touch with our experts for more information on landlord and property owners’ cover. Call our team on 01625 365379

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is landlord’s insurance a legal requirement?

      Landlord insurance is not a legal requirement. However, buy-to-let mortgage lenders may insist on adequate buildings’ insurance cover. Any business that employs staff is legally required to have employers’ liability cover. This protection is included as part of a property owners’ liability policy.
    2. Can I buy landlord contents insurance only?

      Yes, you can buy landlord contents insurance separately, but we don’t usually recommend this. We advise purchasing buildings insurance first, as that is where the most significant risk lies. We would urge all property owners to take out buildings cover to protect against the cost of repairing or rebuilding the fabric of a property. However, you may wish to insure contents at one individual property, for example. In which case, we can help you source cover if required.
    3. What is landlord’s liability insurance?

      Otherwise known as property owners’ liability, landlord liability protection combines employers’ liability and public liability cover. This insurance protects you against claims made by employees or members of the public for alleged injuries. It could be crucial if a tenant or visitor is injured while inside your property, such as tradespeople. You can get a property owners’ liability insurance quote as part of your landlords’ insurance policy.
    4. Does landlord’s insurance cover emergencies?

      Individual policies vary, but landlords’ insurance is there for when you need it. In many cases, it will be in response to an emergency – like a fire or flood – offering immediate action for you and your tenants. That may include the cost of finding alternative accommodation or calling out a boiler repair engineer in an emergency. As always, individual policy terms can vary, so always check what’s covered when you compare landlord insurance quotes.
    5. What is the difference between building and contents insurance?

      Building insurance protects the exterior fabric of your property. It is based on the cost to rebuild a property, not on the market value, and can respond after storm damage, fires, floods, and other disasters. Permanent fixtures in a property – such as kitchens or carpets – are also included under some landlords’ building insurance policies. Contents insurance, on the other hand, protects the goods inside your property. Cover can include everything from large white goods to smaller possessions, such as TVs, computers, and mobile phones. In the case of landlords’ insurance, it depends on what’s included in the itinerary when you rent your property out. Please bear in mind that your tenants may need separate contents insurance to protect their valuables.
    6. Can I get insurance for multiple properties?

      You can cover multiple properties on a single policy, combining residential and commercial buildings as long as they are under the same owner’s name.

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