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Liability Insurances

What is Liability Insurance?

Almost every UK based business requires insurance of some kind. The most common among this is Liability Insurance. If you have employees, then you require the necessary employee liability insurance to ensure that if there are any accidents on-site or during the process of work elsewhere that you and they are covered under any eventuality.

This is also relevant for members of the public who may visit your premises during business hours, (whether you own a shop, warehouse or an office) so that they are covered if they have an accident or because of any other issue they may face that requires the right level of insurance cover. If you often have people visit your premises that aren’t employees they’ll need to be covered under your insurance. Not having insurance to cover members of the public can result in huge fines and being restricted from owning businesses in the future.

Our range of Liability Insurances are as follows:

Professional Indemnity Insurance
Public Liability Insurance
Employers Liability Insurance
Business Interruption Insurance
Directors and Officers Insurance

Each indemnity insurance is different, and in some cases, all are required by law. Often, you’ll find that most businesses require a combination of these insurances. If you’re starting out in business, then this should be something you’re already aware of. If not – we have an expert team available that have worked with businesses who have been operating for many years or fledgling businesses in their initial periods.

Why Bollington?

Our expert team has over 40 years’ experience working with UK businesses ensuring they have the right level of cover required by law. We provide our clients with dedicated account managers, meaning in any eventuality there is a point of contact available to speak to. This means we put a heavy important on ensuring your business continues, revenue keeps coming in and you’re covered under any legal obligation required by UK law.

To speak to a member of our team call 01625 400206 or get in touch