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Professional Insurance

What is Professional Insurance?

Not too dissimilar from other business insurances but still unique, if you operate a business that offers professional services – you need a specific type of insurance. Ensuring that you’re covered in the line of making any mistakes that could cost you or your clients money is vital to being compliant with UK laws.

Bollington have over 40 years’ experience working with professional services clients ranging from Marketing Agencies through to Solicitors and Lawyers. We provide a dedicated account manager to our clients to ensure that you have the right cover and everything you need is taken care of from an insurance perspective.

Our professional insurances include:

Recruitment Agency Insurance
Lawyer Insurance
Accountant Insurance
Bookkeepers Insurance
Marketing Agency Insurance
Software Developer Insurance
Consultant Insurance

Ensuring you have the right cover is vital for business continuity. It’s likely in most cases that if you provide professional services that you will have clients coming to your premises whether they’re potential or existing. As such by law you’re required to have them covered under your insurance policy.

There are other considerations within professional services – any mistakes made that lead to legal repercussions such as within the line of accountancy or Bookkeeping require both parties to be covered under UK law. We have the right level of experience to ensure that you’re covered, no matter what the eventuality.

Why Bollington?

Our team is experienced within all professional services industries, meaning that regardless of how unique your requirements may be, we’re likely to have the right cover for you. We can boast that we cover 99% of the businesses we speak to, and as we have a large panel of insurers we give premiums that aren’t available elsewhere. Getting the right insurance is vital for your business, so speak to one of our team on 01625 400206 or get in touch