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Motor Claims – Getting You Back On The Road


Bollington Motor Claims provides you with professional help when you need it most. Our team of specialists are on-hand to help you through the whole process 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We can help to speed up the claims process and reduce any delays that can arise.

One simple call to Bollington Motor Claims and our fully trained team can offer assistance in all aspects of your claim. If you were involved in an accident that was not your fault, Bollington Motor Claims can assist you in the recovery of your vehicle, repairs and with the provision of a like-for-like courtesy vehicle whilst your vehicle is off the road.

Our offering includes the following benefits:

  • 24 Hour Helpline
  • 24 Hour Vehicle Recovery
  • Nationwide Repair Facilities
  • Engineer Co-ordination
  • Repair Monitoring

In addition, and dependent on the product purchased:

  • Uninsured Loss Recovery
  • Personal Injury Assistance

To report a new incident, or to check progress on an existing motor claim, please telephone 0800 195 4905, or email [email protected]


Q1. Do I have a legal expense policy?
A. No – Bollington provides an uninsured loss recovery service for our customers via our claims department, which is manned by our professional and highly qualified staff. The claims department will pursue recovery of any out of pocket expenses in the event of a non-fault Road Traffic Accident. They will also instruct solicitors in the event of a personal injury claim resulting from a non-fault accident.

Q2. Why should I claim on my own insurance policy when the accident was not my fault?
A. You are entitled to pursue a claim directly from the responsible party’s insurance company. However, you must realise that you are not entitled to the same benefits as with your own insurance policy. If you are comprehensively insured and you claim on the responsible party’s insurance, then the process of claiming for the damage to your vehicle takes longer as you are claiming from an insurance company to whom you do not pay a premium. The third party insurer has no obligation to act quickly in settling your claim. You have a duty to mitigate your own losses and you would not be entitled to claim for extended hire/storage charges as these would not have been incurred if you had claimed via your own policy. The Bollington Claims Department are here to negotiate settlement on your behalf.

Q3. Why do I lose my No Claim Bonus when the accident wasn’t my fault?
A. Inevitably, there are always two sides to every story. Although you will have completed a claim form providing a description of the accident circumstances, the other party involved will also have completed a claim form for their own insurance company, which usually has a slightly different version of events. Each party’s insurance company will believe their own respective customer’s description of the circumstances; however, until it is established who was actually at fault by way of settlement of the claim, both parties will lose their No Claim Bonus

Q4. Why do I have to pay an excess when the accident wasn’t my fault?
A. Your insurance policy will always be subject to a policy excess irrespective of liability, which is classed as an uninsured loss.  If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you are entitled to pursue recovery of this from the responsible party or their insurance company. The Bollington Claims Department would negotiate settlement of this on your behalf.

Q5. Why do I have to complete a claim form when I am not claiming?
A. Any person involved in a Road Traffic Accident has up to three years to pursue a claim for personal injury and six years to pursue a claim for property damage. Although you may not be claiming for your own losses, you never know when someone will be claiming against your policy. The longer you leave it to report an accident, the likelihood is that you may forget the circumstances of the accident, witness details, vehicle details etc. or possibly a former employee may have left your company and you will not have any details to report. If a claim is submitted against you, your insurers will find it difficult to defend the claim without a claim form or full statement of circumstances.

Q6. Why have my insurance company paid the third party without reference to me?
A. By completing a claim form you give your insurance company the subrogation rights to settle the claim on the best possible terms. The insurers will always act with your best interest in mind, based on the information given to them from the claim form. However, they will base their decision on liability on the evidence presented. The insurers will avoid incurring additional costs in defending a claim where there is no possibility of a recovery.

Q7. Why should I make a contribution towards the repairs?
A. After an incident, your insurer’s obligation is to place you in the same position, or as near to the same position, as you were before the loss. You are not entitled to make a profit out of a loss or be in a better position. Therefore in the event of a claim the insurance company will take into consideration wear and tear on the damaged item. An example of this is a tyre on a vehicle – by claiming for a brand new tyre the policyholder will be better off than having the old tyre that might be worn and therefore the insurers will ask for a contribution towards the costs of the replacement as there has been an element of betterment.

Q8. I don’t agree with the valuation and I can’t replace my vehicle for the amount the insurers have offered?
A. In the event of a claim where your vehicle is damaged beyond economical repair (this is where the vehicle costs more to repair than what the vehicle is worth), the insurers will not automatically pay the cost of a new or replacement vehicle. The insurer’s obligation is to reimburse you for the pre-accident value of the vehicle that has been damaged. Insurers will take into consideration the age, condition, mileage, MOT etc. of the vehicle prior to the accident, and if this valuation is not acceptable, you should supply documentary evidence to support an increase in the insurer’s initial offer i.e. adverts from local newspapers etc.

Q9. Am I entitled to alternative transport following an accident/theft of my vehicle?
A. If you are Comprehensively insured, your insurers will usually provide a courtesy car for the duration of your repairs. If you are covered third party, your insurers will not provide a courtesy car. You will only be entitled claim for alternative transport if the accident is not your fault; however, you have a legal obligation to mitigate your losses at all times. You are not entitled to hire a vehicle and claim the cost of this from the responsible party just simply because you have been involved in an accident. If your own vehicle is driveable, you have a duty to drive it even if temporary repairs are required to make it roadworthy. If you have another vehicle, you must use this rather than incurring unnecessary expenses.

Q10. Do I have to use an insurers’ approved repairer?
A. No – however, where an approved repairer scheme is in place, the insured benefits from using this facility as the insurer has service standards in place with the repairer to speed up the process. Repairs will be authorised and completed quicker by an approved repairer as opposed to a garage of your own choice. The approved repairer will also provide a courtesy vehicle whilst your vehicle is in for repair.

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