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Domiciliary carers’ insurance is a highly specialised type of policy: insurance for carers in the home. It is designed to protect professional carers and personal assistants who provide care services to individuals at their place of residence. We can also provide individual carer’s insurance on behalf of the person being looked after (the carer’s employer).

What does carer insurance cover?

A carer’s or care provider’s job inevitably includes a variety of tasks, often looking after the home as well as the person. Duties vary from bathing and dressing to night care and administering medicines. Many care professionals also offer services ranging from cooking and cleaning to shopping, laundry, household repairs and gardening services.

It can be fulfilling work, providing mental and physical support and enabling people to live as independently as possible. However, performing such a variety of tasks lays the carer or employer open to many risks. Accidents can happen, and property can be damaged or lost. Accusations of theft, abuse or malpractice can arise. There is also a heightened danger of catching or transmitting an infectious disease.

Comprehensive carers’ insurance needs to provide wide-ranging cover within a single package. At Bollington, our carers’ policies cover:

  • Public liability and employer liability, up to £10 million
  • Professional Indemnity insurance, up to £5 million
  • Abuse liability cover, up to £5 million, can include claims made (cover from when the claims was made) and claims occurring (covers from when the incident took place)
  • Treatment liability cover, which covers carers providing support with administering medicines, personal and toileting care
  • Management liability – including Directors & Officer’s insurance, company legal liability, cyber breach response and employment practices

Who can be covered by carers insurance?

At Bollington, we can cover a variety of care providers, including:

  • Self-employed carers
  • Domiciliary care agencies
  • Individuals employing their own private carers
  • Personal assistants providing care services
  • Private care nurses
  • Foster carers

How much does carers insurance cost?

Domiciliary care insurance policies usually start at £39 per week*. However, with so many variables from number of services users and the type of care services being provided, costs can vary greatly. The surest way to secure a policy that meets your business needs at the most affordable price is to talk to the Bollington team.

Get a quote for Domiciliary Care Agency insurance

Bollington is an award-winning independent insurance broker with a team who specialise in the care and charity sector. It’s easy to arrange cover with us. Simply:

  • Call us on 01625 348029 for immediate assistance.
    We’re open Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 5:30pm
  • Fill in our quick online form – and we will prepare your quotation for you
  • Arrange a call back – and a member of our friendly team will give you a call at a time to suit you

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do I need carers insurance if I am self-employed?

    Working as a self-employed carer brings the freedom to choose your own hours and clients. However, it also means you don't have an employer to provide insurance and other perks, such as sick pay and holiday pay. It also means you need to arrange carers insurance for yourself. Without it, you could be liable for the risks you face while working. Talk to Bollington and we will ensure your policy covers the essential risks, including:
    • Accidental injury to any person in relation to your work (e.g. your client or a member of the public)
    • Injury to yourself as a result of your work
    • Loss or damage to property
    • Allegations of negligence or abuse
  2. Can I arrange insurance for a carer I employ?

    You are legally obliged to have a policy that includes employers’ liability insurance if you employ a carer or personal assistant. This is true whether you are paying the carer through direct payments, an individual budget, or your own funds. The policy protects you in case the person you are employing is injured or becomes ill while working for you, and seeks compensation against you.
  3. Do carers and care home staff legally need liability insurance?

    Yes, it's a legal requirement for all businesses to have employers’ liability insurance. The minimum cover required is £5 million, but £10 million is advisable.

Why choose Bollington?

  • 40 years’ experience as an insurance broker in the care sector.
  • We provide a thorough and expert review of your current insurance arrangements, highlighting any gaps in your previous cover and discussing your needs in detail.
  • We search our network of specialist providers to find the right cover and best value for you.
  • Our service also includes helping you to avoid claims and work safely with a wealth of practical risk management advice.
  • If you need to make a claim, we make the process quick and simple. Our specialist in-house claims team is always here with support and advice.

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