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What is multi-property landlord insurance?

For freeholders and leaseholders who rent out property, it can be a nuisance managing your arrangements. The more property you buy, the more of a headache it can be insuring it.
Bollington offers access to a range of insurers, including our own exclusive property owners' policy, to take the stress away. Not only can you insure a number of different properties in one policy, you can also combine residential and commercial property.

What's more, you can insure buildings of non-standard construction, shops or offices, HMOs, blocks of flats... and more.

This could be the easiest way yet to manage the insurance of your properties. As long as they are owned by one entity - an individual, company or partnership - we can offer one policy, one renewal date and one premium. And with finance options also available, it can be affordable as well as convenient.

Get an instant quote over the phone for up to 10 properties

It's quick and easy to get a property owners' insurance quote with Bollington

Commercial and residential properties - all on one policy

Make life easier by administering all your property portfolio on one policy

Easily add or remove property from your policy

Just call our specialist team and we'll do the rest

What is the minimum/maximum number of properties for multiple property landlord insurance?

You only need more than one property to see the benefits of multi-property insurance. Quotes can often be offered over the phone or within 24 hours for up to 10 properties, with 20+ properties considered on one policy. Call us with details of the buildings and contents sums you want to insure, and we will quote you ASAP.

Is it more cost efficient to get multiple property insurance?

Yes. The more properties you add to a policy, the cheaper it will generally become to insure each one (subject to property types and risks).

How easy is it to add further properties to my policy?

It’s very easy to add properties to your policy or remove them if you sell them. Simply call us with the property details and we’ll amend your policy accordingly.

What can be covered under a multi-property insurance policy?

Access a range of insurers and our own exclusive scheme, with benefits including:

  • Buildings only cover or combined buildings and contents cover
  • Up to £10,000,000 buildings, loss of rent and content cover per location
  • Properties undergoing repair or renovations can be covered
  • Unoccupied properties – Commercial and Residential – covered
  • Multiple parties renting space in a single property
  • Residential properties with tenants including students, DSS, asylum seekers etc.

"The customer care is second to none it’s a shame there’s not more company’s who value there customers like Bollington do. Nothing is ever an issue and any problems that may arise are always sorted, not that I’ve ever had any issues"

William Bennet

Get a quote over the phone

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I combine personally owned property with company-owned or partnership-owned properties?

    It is not possible to combine property with different ownership under one policy, though you can combine commercial and residential property in one policy if the ownership is the same.
  2. Are there different levels of property insurance?

    With buildings insurance, you will need to know the rebuild cost of the properties you insure. You will also need to value any contents you wish to cover. You can pick and choose whether you want buildings and contents cover for one property and only buildings cover for another, for example. These factors will help to determine how much insurance cover you need, and the cost of cover.
  3. Can I get residential property owners’ insurance?

    Yes – if you only have residential property, we can cover this for you with residential property owners’ insurance. We provide cover from a single buy-to-let property to a large portfolio – all in one policy.
  4. What is property owners’ insurance?

    Property owners’ insurance provides cover for commercial or residential property. To make life easier, you can combine both types of property in one policy. You will normally arrange cover for your buildings and can add contents cover, too. Property owners' insurance makes it cheaper and easier to look after your policy. Instead of insuring individual properties, you can add them all to one policy. Generally, the more properties you add, the cheaper it is to get cover for each one.
  5. What is property owners’ liability cover?

    Property owners’ liability cover combines employers’ liability and public liability cover for property owners. This protects you against claims made by employees or members of the public for alleged injuries. In the event of injury to a tenant or a visitor to your property, for example, your property owners’ liability policy can be called upon.
  6. What property can be covered under a property owners’ insurance policy?

    Property can include everything from storage units to warehouses, factories to shops and offices. Even more unusual properties such as churches or a chapel of rest can be covered – just ask us for a quote and we’ll do the rest.