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What is courier insurance?

Courier insurance is designed to protect individuals and businesses that make multi-drop deliveries on a time-sensitive basis. It covers you if your van or other commercial vehicle is involved in an accident while working. In particular, courier driver insurance allows for the increased risk couriers run with high daily mileage and multiple stops per journey.

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Do I need courier insurance?

Are you a self-employed courier, run a courier company or work for a courier brand such as Amazon, Hermes or DHL? Do you have five vehicles or fewer? Do you fit the definition of making numerous deliveries to a tight schedule on a normal working day? Then yes, you are in the market for a competitive courier insurance quote from the expert team at Bollington.

If you use your personal vehicle to deliver parcels part-time, courier insurance is still necessary. Private car, motorbike or van insurance will not protect your work as a courier, even if it includes Class 1 Business use.

Single courier insurance vs fleet insurance

Our single courier driver insurance covers up to five vehicles individually. If you manage six or more vehicles, we can help you find the best, most competitive courier fleet insurance quote instead. This type of insurance allows you to change the vehicles you cover under the policy, with other features specially designed for courier fleets, including the addition of named drivers and flexible payment by instalments.

We can also provide expert advice on finding the right telematics devices – another way we can help you keep costs down.

What can courier insurance cover?

 There are three levels of courier cover available: third party only, comprehensive, and third party, fire and theft. Third party cover is the minimum requirement so you can operate as a courier and deal safely with the public.

Different types of courier insurance policies

Depending on the type of courier business, you may also require:

  • Goods in transit insurance, to protect the value of the goods you transport should they be lost, damaged or stolen
  • Public liability insurance in case you are involved in an accident involving the public, which is a higher risk for couriers than other drivers
  • If you have employees, you might need to consider employers’ liability insurance.

What does courier insurance cost?

The cost of the policy we arrange for you will reflect your actual business, including factors such as your driving history and experience, the area you cover, and the kind of goods you carry. Settling for a ‘cheap’ policy could mean inadequate cover, putting your whole business at risk.

Why choose courier insurance from Bollington?

Bollington Insurance offers excellent cover with highly competitive premiums on courier van insurance for vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes GVW. We may also be able to include the following features in your policy:

  • Protected no claims discount
  • Drivers aged 25 and above
  • Excesses from £250 for motor for vehicles up to 3.5GVW
  • Free EU cover for up to 90 days (dependent on the insurer)
  • Uninsured loss recovery
  • Public liability and employers’ liability cover
  • Goods in transit cover
  • £100 goods in transit excess
  • Cover for up to six vehicles per policy

We are one of the few brokers that trawl the entire insurance market on your behalf, then provide an online courier insurance quotation. We’ll make sure you get the cover you need, without paying more than necessary.

One way to keep costs down without compromising on the cover you need is to set up a payment plan. We offer a variety of ways to spread the cost, so be sure to ask when you speak to our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need goods in transit insurance?

    Goods in transit insurance is not a legal requirement, but it is highly recommended. Without goods in transit cover, you could be held liable for the costs of damaged, lost or stolen goods you are carrying. Some companies and local authorities will also insist on goods in transit cover before employing your services, so it makes sense to get cover. Goods in transit insurance removes the headache of liability for accidents, with a limit of cover of up to £50,000 per load.
  2. Do I need public liability insurance?

    Public liability insurance is not a legal requirement, but it could ruin your business if you don’t have it. A single expensive injury claim from a member of the public could cost hundreds of thousands, or even millions of pounds, in damages. Even if it is ruled not to be your fault, you will still be liable for the costs of defending the claim. Given the relatively low cost of insurance, public liability cover is a sensible option.
  3. What can I transport under courier insurance?

    Courier insurance covers most of the everyday items a courier is likely to carry, usually be parcels, packages or newspapers. We can cover other items as part of courier fleet deliveries, including hazardous materials.
  4. What’s the difference between courier insurance and haulage insurance?

    Couriers generally drive vans up to 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight, picking up goods from a depot and delivering them to multiple addresses. Haulage typically involves larger vehicles (e.g. trucks), which pick up a large number of items to deliver to destinations over longer distances.
  5. Will my no claims discount from my car insurance transfer over to my courier insurance?

    No, only a courier no claims discount can be transferred.
  6. If I have comprehensive insurance, can I drive other vans?

    No, you are not able to drive other vans with courier insurance.
  7. Is my courier insurance valid for deliveries abroad?

    Most courier policies will allow you to make deliveries to certain EU countries. Check with us if this is something you will be doing, so we can ensure you have the right insurance cover.
  8. How many vehicles are covered under courier insurance?

    Up to 5 vans. More than this require courier fleet insurance.
  9. Can I insure my own van for business use?

    If you work as a courier, you need courier insurance. Courier work is not covered by adding business use to a private or commercial van insurance policy.  In fact, insurers can invalidate your policy if you work as a courier and don’t have courier van insurance. This is because you spend much more time on the road working as a courier than as a plumber, for example. You also face the risk of damaging other people’s goods while transporting them. On top of that, there’s the pressure of having to make many deliveries against the clock each day. As a result, there is more chance of you being involved in an accident as a courier than driving a van for personal or commercial use. Courier van insurance is, therefore, a legal requirement for courier work.
  10. Can I use my courier van for other work, such as transporting furniture?

    Furniture removal, disposal of rubbish, or haulage are not typically covered by a courier insurance policy. A courier van insurance policy is designed to cover deliveries on a single pick-up, multiple drop-off basis. Make sure you check your policy to ensure the type of goods you are transporting are covered. Your courier insurance policy could be invalidated if you carry items that are not permitted on your policy.
  11. Who needs a courier fleet policy?

    Courier fleet policies are designed for businesses with multiple vans and employees.  Typically, you will have five or more vans in your fleet. Fleet policies are easier to manage, with one renewal date for all vehicles, and one insurance premium to pay.
  12. How much does courier insurance cost?

    The cheapest courier van policy starts at around £86.33 a month, including insurance premium tax.
  13. How do I get cheap courier insurance?

    In order to reduce the cost of your courier insurance, you can:
    • Build up no claims bonus. Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet, the number of claims you make will have an impact on the cost of insurance. For a single van, it is easier to build up a no claims bonus than a fleet, where your confirmed claims experience (CCE) is important. Either way, the fewer the claims and the less paid out in damages, the better chance you have of keeping your insurance premium down at renewal.
    • Reduce mileage and delivery radius – the less time you spend on the road, the lower the insurance risk. Be realistic, though – if you travel 50,000 miles a year and you only declare 10,000 to your insurer, you are at risk of invalidating your policy. Covering a smaller area means your drivers get used to the routes taken, lowering the chances of an accident occurring.
    • Compare third-party, third-party fire and theft, and comprehensive cover costs. You might be surprised that comprehensive cover is not always more expensive, but it offers the benefit that your own vehicle is covered. That could save you a lot of money in the long run – especially with a courier fleet!
    • Drive vehicles with good security, including telematics. Manufacturer-approved alarms and immobilisers are a good starting point. Fitting telematics – including on-board cameras – can help to further reduce the cost of cover. Incidents and accidents can be recorded, with footage and data sent directly to insurers to prove who is at fault. This speeds up the claims process, making life easier for everybody.
  14. What is the benefit of using an insurance broker for courier van insurance?

    Brokers can search a panel of insurers to find the policy that offers the best cover for your needs, at the most competitive price. Insurance brokers act in your best interests, making sure there are no gaps in your insurance cover. At Bollington, our friendly team can offer you advice and support. You can compare courier insurance policies and costs. Whether you are buying your first courier policy, or you have had a fleet for many years, our team will discuss your needs to offer competitively priced cover.

Benefits of Bollington Courier Insurance Policies

  • Over 40 years in the industry
  • Competitive premiums and instant cover available
  • A wide range of insurers and competitive prices
  • Flexible payment options
  • Protected no claims discount
  • Drivers aged 25 and above
  • Excesses from £250 for motor for vehicles up to 3.5GVW
  • Free EU cover for up to 90 days (dependent on the insurer)

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