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To register a property or non-motor claim call:

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  • Contact us as soon as an incident/accident has happened and while the details are still fresh
  • Ensure you have the correct information to hand e.g. address of property, cause of damage, estimates
  • Provide as much detail as possible: photographs, CCTV footage. Were any emergency services called?
  • Discuss with us any temporary works/mitigation.

Early Reporting
Of Property Claims

Should you have a property claim it is imperative that we are informed quickly in case measures need to be taken to secure the property and/or make it safe. Insurers will expect reasonable action to be taken to minimise the amount of the loss suffered. If the loss is large it may be that a loss adjuster is required to visit the property that is damaged and make an assessment of the loss on behalf of your insurers.

From the details provided we can then determine whether this will need to be a loss reported through to insurers immediately and a loss adjuster requested or decide that the claim is of a smaller nature and can be addressed by completion of a material damage claim form and provision of like for like estimates for repair or replacement where necessary.

Make a claim

Frequently asked questions:

Put simply, when you report a claim to us, we manage the processing of the claim on your behalf. This involves working with you to establish all the relevant facts pertaining to the incident circumstances and checking your policy to determine coverage; notifying and working with your insurer to progress the claim, and all other relevant work and communication in the process of concluding the claim to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.

The best way to make a claim is by calling our Claims team on 0800 195 4905 and we will happily take you through the process.

This is difficult to determine, as the circumstances surrounding each claim can vary greatly.

Straightforward claims settlements can be completed relatively quickly. Claims settlements that do not involve personal injury can take an average of 3-4 months to complete, whereas injury claims often take 4-6 months. Claims for more serious, life-changing injuries can unfortunately take a considerable time – sometimes years – before the process is completed.

You need to provide as much information as possible as soon as you become aware of an incident which could lead to a claim. This is essential to ensure that a claim is processed as quickly and effectively as possible.

Claims are evidence based, so it’s vital that information is gathered and retained as soon as reasonably possible following any incident.

A loss adjuster works on behalf of an insurer to investigate insurance claims for them. Loss adjusters are normally appointed to claims once they reach a certain size and when appointed, they will come to your property within a few days of the claim being made. Their aim is to determine the extent of any losses and the validity of a claim, as well as understanding whether the insurance in place will cover the claim. It is therefore important to provide evidence of ownership of property, receipts for any emergency repair work required, photographs of any damage etc.

A loss assessor, by contrast, carries out the same type of work on your behalf. However, rather than being paid by the insurer, they will charge you, as their client, for their services. You may wish to employ the services of a loss assessor to represent you with your claim.

When settling an insurance claim, your insurer will ask if your business is VAT registered. If it is, then your insurance claim will be paid net of VAT and you will need to claim it back in the usual way.

Claims can make a difference to insurance premiums, although it depends on the type of incident, the frequency of claims, and the individual insurer’s assessment of risk. We work with a wide range of insurers, so while you remain a client of ours, we will always seek out appropriate insurance for your renewal.

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