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Protecting what you value most.

What price can be placed on the security of you and your loved ones?

Is there anybody in your life who depends on your income? What will happen if you are not around to provide for them?

Over 8 million people in the UK do not have life insurance, according to a survey reported in 2016. When this is coupled with the fact that a quarter of UK families have less than £95 in savingsquarter of UK families have less than £95 in savings, there are many families who will struggle financially if a main income earner is no longer able to provide for them.

Bollington Insurance has partnered with Zurich to offer you quality life insurance from a leading insurer.

Life insurance provides you with the knowledge that, should the worst happen to you, those dependent on you for financial support can gain assistance with:

  • Paying your mortgage
  • Paying for funeral costs
  • Clearing credit card debt and loans
  • Taking care of household bills
  • The costs of raising children, including their education
  • Leaving a legacy

This adaptable insurance can also provide critical illness cover, with a cash sum provided for you and your family when you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness at any time. This takes away the stress of having to think about your finances in the most difficult of times.

With critical illness cover for 85 illnesses – including cancer, heart attack and stroke (subject to the terms and conditions of your plan) – a cash lump sum can help pay for specialist treatment, childcare, or a once-in-a-lifetime family holiday.

There for you when you need it most.

Whether you need cover just for yourself or joint cover (with the option to pay out after one or both of you die), this affordable life insurance plan paid out on 98% of death claims in 2016*, so you rest assured that your insurance is there for you when you need it most.

Can you afford to be without cover?

It takes less than 10 minutes to get a quote online, providing the valuable protection and peace-of-mind that you and your dependent deserve.

With cover starting from as little as £5 per month, it is quick and easy to get a quote.

* Source – Zurich

Again, Our life insurance quote process should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Quick Quote, Instant cover

You can buy your life insurance policy online in less than 10 minutes. Decide on your level of cover for a quote that’s specific to you. Simply click ‘Get a Quote’ to get started!

With You All the way

Life insurance is backed with Zurich Support Services, an independently staffed 24/7 helpline offering professional assistance with work, personal or family related matters.

Step 1 of 2

  • Life insurance (sometimes called life assurance) is designed to pay out a sum of money when you die during the term of your policy.

    You can be insured as an individual, or jointly with another person.

    There are two initial decisions to make when taking out life cover:

    • Do you wish to continue your policy until the day you die (known as ‘whole of life cover’), or only cover you in the event of your death for a fixed period, such as the term of your mortgage (known as ‘term cover’)?
    • If you opt for term cover, do you require a fixed insurance sum – e.g. £200,000 – or are you happy with the sum decreasing over time (so you are only covering the outstanding amount on a repayment mortgage or loan, for example)? If you require a fixed sum, this is known as ‘level term cover’; if you opt for a reducing sum, this is known as ‘decreasing term cover’.

    The Zurich quick quote form will ask you how much cover you need and on what basis. Opting for whole of life cover provides the additional security, but can be more expensive than term cover. Likewise, level term cover could cost more than decreasing term cover.

    You should weigh the potential benefits against the cost of cover to find a plan that best meets your needs.

  • Life insurance isn’t necessary for everybody, but can provide invaluable financial protection for those who might need it.

    The simple question to answer is whether you have anybody who depends on your income. If you do, then life insurance is likely to be beneficial to you. Equally, though, you should consider if other investments – including pensions – might be able to provide for a partner or other dependent’s should you no longer be here to provide for them.

  • Life insurance pays out in the event of your death, whereas critical illness cover pays out when you are diagnosed with an illness or condition specified in your insurance policy. The policy available through Bollington with Zurich covers 85 different conditions.

    Critical illness cover can be included alongside your life insurance policy.

    Life insurance from Zurich also provides a cash sum if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness at any time.

  • Everyone’s circumstances are different, so you need to think about the different financial obligations your dependents would have if you were not around to provide for them.

    Get a quote here that is personalised for your needs.

  • Again, this will depend on your circumstances, but in the majority of cases it will be possible to obtain cover. in 2016, 92% of people who applied with a medical condition could still get cover with Zurich. The most important thing is to be honest when requesting a quote – if there is a pre-existing medical condition that you know about and you don’t declare it, then you don’t want to be in a position where life or critical illness cover is unlikely to pay out.

    When filling out a request for a quote, Zurich will make you aware of anything they need to know to make sure that the final quotation offered fits your needs.