5 Winning Ways to Get the Best Deal on your Courier Van Insurance

5 Winning Ways to Get the Best Deal on your Courier Van Insurance

If you are looking for a great deal on courier insurance, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the work required.

Gathering all of your details together, comparing quotes from different providers and ensuring that you get the best deal for your particular circumstances might seem like an exhausting process.

Luckily, the stress can be minimised with the use of an experienced broker, who will scour the market for a great deal for you at the best possible price, using the details you provide them in a quick phone call.

However, there are also a few strategies you can take advantage of to ensure you get the best deal available, not only in terms of value, but also with regards to the level of cover you receive.

Here are some useful tips to get a great courier van insurance deal.


Combine courier and goods in transit cover

If you run a successful courier business, it is likely that goods in transit cover will be a vital form of insurance.

There are few things that could have a more negative impact on a courier business’ reputation than damaging a customer’s belongings on the move.

While you could purchase courier insurance and goods in transit cover separately, you might just find that combining the two in a single policy could save you money.

Of course, this could increase the quality of the cover you receive and will offer a 'one-stop shop' when it comes to making a claim.


Only buy the level of cover you require

This might seem like an obvious statement, but buying the level of cover that is just right for your business is the best course of action.

Spending too little and missing out on vital forms of cover could leave you out of pocket in the long-term should you need to make a claim. Conversely, overpaying for cover you simply don’t need is a waste of money.

Be careful about what you are buying and assess your needs carefully.


Carefully consider add-ons

Some insurers might offer optional extras that you can include as part of your policy.

For example, breakdown cover could be one of the things you add on to your insurance cover for the benefit of your business.

The offers for breakdown cover you receive as an add-on to your insurance policy might prove to be extremely competitive when compared to other leading providers. This means you could save even more money for this essential service.


Had a fleet policy in the past? Use the no-claims bonus!

One of the major benefits of courier insurance is the ability to use no-claims history accrued on other similar policies.

For example, if you have had a fleet policy in the past for another job and have remained claim free for a number of years, you can potentially use this no-claims bonus on courier driver insurance cover.

Careful drivers receive major benefits and proving you are responsible behind the wheel in a commercial driving situation could help to drive down the cost of a policy.


Think about your excess and consider excess protection product

Carefully thinking about your excess is vital when it comes to taking out insurance. Set it too low and the price of your policy will increase. Set it too high and you might be left out of pocket when you come to make a claim.

However, if you purchase an excess protection product, you might be able to recoup some funds.

Excess protection means you can claim back your excess once you have paid it out as part of a claim.

If you purchase a policy with a higher excess and then add excess protection on top, you might find you save more money.

Assess your options and see how much money this route could save you.