All Roads Lead to Bollington: New Online Game Launched for Delivery Drivers

Courier Van

If you’re in the delivery business, you need the right insurance – and a new game from Bollington helps to deliver the goods!

Bollington Insurance has launched a new game aimed at providing quick and easy advice to delivery drivers.

‘Delivering The Goods for Couriers’ takes less than a minute to play, helping players to determine whether they need specific courier vehicle insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, haulage insurance or fleet insurance, and provides relevant contact details to speak to an expert adviser at the end of the game.

Taking users on a road trip, the aim of the game is to make it simple to purchase the correct insurance by eliminating doubt about which product to buy, making sure delivery drivers are not under-insured or over-insured for their needs.

As drivers spend a lot of time out on the road, the new game can be played quickly at any time of day or night and on any device, including smartphones.

“There appears to be some confusion about what insurance couriers need,” explains Dermot Corrigan, Direct Sales Manager at Bollington. “What’s the difference between a courier, a haulier and a furniture transporter? A lot of people might think of themselves as one or the other of these, and could end up buying the wrong insurance as a result.”

“Our new game makes it easy to find out what you need and to make sure you’re covered, without hassle – just click a few buttons, and we’ll tell you the best product to meet your needs.

“You then have the option of speaking to our friendly team, who can make sure you get the right product at a competitive price.”

Couriers across the UK have already been served the game via social media after its launch on 1st August, with thousands of participants invited to go through the brief journey.

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