Delivering Risk Management Solutions during a Pandemic

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A case study from the Manufacturing sector



Our client is a family run SME involved in manufacturing of products for the funeral industry. They received a visit from one of the contractors conducting COVID-19 inspections on behalf of the Health and Safety Executive. The contractor was generally satisfied with the arrangements in place but suggested a few improvements including developing a risk assessment to document the controls they had put in place.

The client subscribes to regular health and safety support and asked for assistance with addressing the improvements suggested.

Business need

Following an initial discussion with the two owners of the business they identified a number of areas where they would benefit from support, including:

  • Assistance with formulating their risk assessment relating to COVID-19.
  • Drafting documentation with regards to dealing with an outbreak.
  • Drafting some reminder information for employees.
  • Drafting guidance for First Aiders.


Our proposal to the client consisted of:

A review of their existing documentation – this was conducted off-site in order to appraise the consultant of the arrangements and what had already been issued to employees prior to attending the site.

A site visit - It was agreed that a visit to site would be helpful to review the arrangements in place and the physical working environment.

The production of draft documentation – Provided to the client to review and comment on.

Value and next steps

Prior to the client and the consultant identifying this need, ongoing support had been limited to remote contact due to COVID-19 restrictions. The project and the visit allowed ongoing support at a time when more conventional work had not been able to be undertaken.

The client was happy with the ability to support them at a difficult time and appreciated our ability to visit the site to assist with this work whilst complying with procedures for COVID-19.

The client now has:

  • A suitable and sufficient risk assessment.
  • Implemented and communicated procedures for managing outbreaks in the workplace.
  • Implemented and communicated procedures for handling incoming and outgoing goods.
  • Implemented and communicated procedures for providing First Aid during COVID-19.
  • Information to supply to visitors and contractors prior to visiting the site.
  • Refresher information to remind their employees about the controls required for them to remain safe in the workplace.

The client indicated an intention to continue to renew ongoing health and safety support at their next renewal date.