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What is landlords' insurance?

Landlords' insurance, also known as property owners' insurance, protects you against costs and losses arising from damage to properties you own.

It’s designed to give freeholders and leaseholders peace of mind by providing cover for tenanted buildings, contents, employees and public liability, including both residential and commercial premises.

Bollington offers cover for landlords who own a single property, through to large portfolios.
We work with more than 20 insurers – including the likes of Aviva, AXA and Covea – to offer you the best value landlord insurance
Take advantage of an exclusive scheme with our own insurer partner, Holava.

Get a Quote

We specialise in covering multiple properties and portfolios. Whether it’s residential or commercial property, we can cover it – all in one policy. This keeps it simple to manage your insurance, and usually offers a lower premium compared with individual insurance policies for each property.

Our landlord insurance policies cover all kinds of rental properties, including:

Get a quote for landlord insurance today and protect your properties against accidental and malicious damage.

What does landlords’ insurance cover?

With Bollington, you’ll gain access to a range of insurers and our exclusive property owners’ scheme, with benefits including:

  • Buildings only cover or combined buildings and contents cover
  • Up to £10 million cover for buildings, contents and loss of rent per location
  • Properties undergoing repair or renovations
  • Unoccupied properties – Commercial and Residential
  • Multiple parties renting space in a single property
  • Residential properties with tenants including students, DSS, asylum seekers etc.

Is landlords’ insurance a legal requirement?

There is usually no legal requirement to take out landlords’ insurance. However, it offers peace of mind and protection and is cost-effective – the more property you have, the cheaper it becomes to insure them as part of a single policy with us.

Landlords insurance may also be a mandatory requirement if you have a buy-to-let mortgage.

What is the difference between building and contents insurance?

Building insurance protects the exterior fabric of your property. It is based on the cost to rebuild a property, not on the market value, and can offer support after storm damage, fires, floods and more.

Contents insurance, on the other hand, protects the goods inside the property. This can include everything from large items, like white goods and furniture, to smaller possessions, like TVs, computers and mobile phones. In the case of landlords’ insurance, it depends on what’s included in the itinerary when you rent your property out. Your tenants may need separate contents insurance to protect their valuables.

Can I buy landlord content insurance only?

Bollington landlords’ insurance offers buildings insurance with contents cover also available.

While contents cover is available separately, it is normally recommended to purchase buildings insurance first as that is where the biggest risk lies. We would urge all property owners to take out buildings cover to protect against the cost of repairing or rebuilding the fabric of your property.

How much does landlords’ insurance cost?

Landlords’ insurance for buy-to-let property starts from as little as £120 a year. Premiums can be paid by Direct Debit in instalments to help spread the cost if required.

However, larger property portfolios and different types of property will have attract a property owners insurance premium based on your requirements. Call us and speak to our friendly team to discuss the property you wish to insure, for an accurate price from our panel of insurers.

What type of landlord insurance do I need?

At Bollington, we create bespoke landlord insurance quotes based on a range of factors, including:

  • Property size, type and location (including high-risk areas).
  • Occupancy type (e.g. residential/commercial tenants).
  • Unusual properties (e.g. churches, theatres, chapels of rest etc).

Multiple properties can be covered on a single policy – and you can combine residential and commercial buildings as long as they are under the same owner’s name.

What is property owners’ liability?

Property owners’ liability cover is different from landlords’ building and contents insurance.

It combines employers’ liability and public liability cover. If a tenant, employee or visitor to your property is injured, property owners’ liability insurance can cover related costs.

Does landlords’ insurance cover emergencies?

Landlords’ insurance cover is designed to be there when you need it. In many cases, it will be in response to an emergency – like a fire or flood – and it’s important to understand what immediate response will be available to you and your tenants.

That may include the cost of finding alternative accommodation, or calling out a locksmith or a boiler repair engineer in an emergency. As always, individual policy terms can vary, so always check what’s covered when you compare landlord insurance quotes.

Why choose Bollington for landlords’ insurance?

Bollington landlords’ insurance gives you comprehensive cover at competitive rates. We work hard to make it the best value landlord insurance on the market.

We provide bespoke landlords’ insurance quotes on request, so give us a call to tell us exactly what you need, and we can tailor a rental property insurance policy to suit.

What benefits do I get with property owners' insurance?

Access a range of insurers and our own exclusive scheme, with benefits including:

  • Buildings only cover or combined buildings and contents cover
  • Up to £10,000,000 buildings, loss of rent and content cover per location
  • Properties undergoing repair or renovations can be covered
  • Unoccupied properties – Commercial and Residential – covered
  • Multiple parties renting space in a single property
  • Residential properties with tenants including students, DSS, asylum seekers etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there different levels of property insurance?

    With buildings insurance, you will need to know the rebuild cost of the properties you insure. You will also need to value any contents you wish to cover. You can pick and choose whether you want buildings and contents cover for one property and only buildings cover for another, for example. These factors will help to determine how much insurance cover you need, and the cost of cover.
  2. Can I get residential property owners’ insurance?

    Yes – if you only have residential property, we can cover this for you with residential property owners’ insurance. We provide cover from a single buy-to-let property to a large portfolio – all in one policy.
  3. Can I combine personally owned property with company-owned or partnership-owned properties?

    It is not possible to combine property with different ownership under one policy, though you can combine commercial and residential property in one policy if the ownership is the same.
  4. What is property owners’ insurance?

    Property owners’ insurance provides cover for commercial or residential property. To make life easier, you can combine both types of property in one policy. You will normally arrange cover for your buildings and can add contents cover, too. Property owners' insurance makes it cheaper and easier to look after your policy. Instead of insuring individual properties, you can add them all to one policy. Generally, the more properties you add, the cheaper it is to get cover for each one.
  5. What is property owners’ liability cover?

    Property owners’ liability cover combines employers’ liability and public liability cover for property owners. This protects you against claims made by employees or members of the public for alleged injuries. In the event of injury to a tenant or a visitor to your property, for example, your property owners’ liability policy can be called upon.
  6. What happens if I run my own business from a property?

    If you own a property and run a business from it, you can get commercial combined insurance cover for both your business and your property. Contact us for more details.

Please note that these Frequently Asked Questions are not a substitute for the policy wording.

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