4 Ways to Bolster Health and Safety

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While your company may already have an established scheme to address workplace health and safety issues, both your company and your employees could benefit from additional protection and ongoing safe practice. For that reason, here are four ways you can effectively arm your business with the tools necessary to bolster your existing workplace health and safety schemes.

The SafeTea Break
3M developed the SafeTea Break toolkit as a way to begin a dialogue about health and safety between employers and employees. By completing the materials provided, your company should be able to shore up any weak areas in your current scheme and develop new solutions to previously unknown problems. For more information, visit http://safetynetwork.3m.com/blog/safetea.

Proud 2b Safe
As a way to examine companies’ current safety schemes, Proud 2b Safe uses a real-life story about an employee who was injured on the job. By reshaping statistics and facts into a more personal narrative, your employees should be able to reflect on current safety procedures and internalise the programme’s health and safety lessons. For more information, visit www.p2bs.org.

Cutting Red Tape
The Cutting Red Tape programme acts as a liaison between the government and your business in order to identify unnecessary regulation, its poor implementation and ways to reorganise it. This partnership should allow your business to streamline and reinforce your current health and safety scheme. For more information, visit https://cutting-red-tape.cabinetoffice.gov.uk.

V-MAC and MAC Tools
The variable manual handling assessment chart, or V-MAC, is a tool that supplements the manual handling assessment charts, or MAC tool. Used together, the tools help you figure out and plan manual handling operations to ensure that your employees are not being exposed to any unnecessary risks. For more information, visit www.hse.gov.uk/msd/mac/vmac/index.htm.