6 Everyday Objects That Can Be Hacked

Cyber Attack

Cyber-criminals are resourceful and relentless. If you think your home is safe, think again.

Here are six everyday objects that you may not realise are exposed to cyber-threats:

1. Refrigerator: Smart refrigerators have a built-in computer that lets you view your calendar, write a grocery list, and even play music and videos. However, it can also allow cyber-criminals to gain access to your home’s internet, infiltrate your accounts and send out malicious emails.

2. Printer: Cyber-criminals can gain access to your wi-fi printer and view what documents you have printed as well as gain access to any device linked to that printer.

3. Teddy bears: Smart dolls and teddy bears have sensors installed in them that transmit data, such as audio recordings and a child’s vital signs. A hacker could not only gain access to the information stored inside the doll or bear, but also implant their own audio messages.

4. Sat-nav: Whether it’s a stand-alone device or on your smartphone, cyber-criminals can track your movements through the sat-nav program or even alter the directions to your destination to one of their choosing.

5. Car: Cyber-criminals can exploit vehicles’ wi-fi to change the radio station, work the windscreen wipers and—most frighteningly—cut the gearbox and disable the brakes.

6. Smartwatch: As smartwatches are equipped with sensors to track movement, cyber-criminals can track your movements and figure out your PIN.

The best defence against these threats is a robust cyber-security system, complete with anti-virus and anti-malware software. In addition, speak to Bollington about how you can shore up any gaps in your insurance cover.