Bollington promote the Slow Down, Move Over campaign for recovery operators

Slow Down or Move Over

Bollington Insurance are pleased to confirm that we are stakeholders in the Slow Down, Move Over campaign, reaffirming our commitment to ensuring the safety of recovery operators working in the most challenging of circumstances.

The Slow Down, Move Over campaign aims to build a culture of awareness for all road users so when they are presented with a temporary hazard on the road network, it will assist them in taking the appropriate action to avoid the danger.

Further information on Slow Down, Move Over can be found at their website

Why is this important?

Sadly, there have been many injuries and even fatalities amongst roadside rescue and recovery operators in recent years.

With people working to move or fix vehicles in dangerous circumstances, it is important that drivers slow down and give space to both workers and members of the public (who may be stranded following a breakdown) to avoid or significantly reduce the chances of an accident happening.

To help protect recovery operators, Bollington has developed a range of insurance schemes specifically for the sector - some of which are only available through us - alongside specialist risk management from our in-house team for those who need it.

Pauline Brookes, UK Motor Trade Manager at Bollington Insurance, explains: “Our primary aim is to protect workers and businesses from harm. Insurance is there should the worst happen, but we want to make sure that everyone avoids and mitigates risks wherever possible.

“When somebody sets out to do their job, they don’t expect to be at risk of injury or death each time they are called upon – so why should anybody working in the recovery industry have to accept this?”

Bollington are not only part of the drive to spread public awareness that drivers should be more alert to the risk of accidents where operators are working; we are also looking at ways the whole industry can manage risks across their business.

With expert risk managers who are aware of everything from working with hazardous substances through to the maintenance of specialist equipment, Bollington can help the community of operators with everything from fire risk assessments to health and safety management.