Covid-19 testing and support services from Bollington and BUPA

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Flexible COVID-19 testing and support services from Bollington and BUPA

Bollington has teamed up with BUPA to provide a range of Covid-19 testing and support services for employees returning to work following lockdown.

We can provide access to:

Healthy Minds Employee Assistance Programme

24/7 online and phone support for employees who require emotional and practical support. Access to qualified counsellors, financial and legal helplines, a family and relationship helpline, health advice, and much more. Just £10 per person per year.

Online Risk Assessments

Prove your staff are fit for a return to work with a written assessment. An online questionnaire for your staff, with analysis provided by an occupational health expert. Just £12 per person.

Refer staff for assessment and treatment, e.g. for musculoskeletal issues or mental health support. An optional service, with prices dependent on services selected.

COVID-19 testing

Antigen testing to show ‘Have I got Covid-19?’ All kits delivered to your workplace for £86 per kit, or direct to home addresses for £94 per kit.

Antibody testing to show ‘Have I had Covid-19?’ Blood tests provided at BUPA clinics for £65 per person, or onsite at a cost of £1,380 including testing for up to 22 employees a day.

Company accounts can be set up, so your company is invoiced directly.

Temperature checking

On-site testing available, and/or advice on implementing a temperature checking process for yourself.  Prices on request.

4 Great Reasons to use our services

  1. Works with any existing provisions you have in place.
  2. Minimises the risk of the spread of coronavirus.
  3. Boosts employee confidence and shows the importance of health and wellbeing to your business.
  4. Avoid claims of alleged ill health from employees.

We’re ready and waiting to help you get back to doing business safely and successfully

If any of these Covid-19 testing or support services could benefit your business, simply call Jonathan Shepherd on 07971 537337.