Fixing Motor Traders’ Trust Problem

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Both garages and dealerships have a problem fostering and retaining trust with their customers.

In fact, nearly 3 out of 4 drivers believe that a garage won’t be honest with them about the cost of a repair, and 4 out of 5 dealerships fail to establish long-term relationships with car buyers. To help foster trust and cultivate customer relationships, consider the following advice:


  • Explain in-detail what is wrong with the vehicle and what exactly you are doing to fix it. This should include necessary parts and an outline of the required labour.
  • Reference parts and labour guarantees.
  • Share customer reviews on your website and social media pages.
  • Respond quickly and thoughtfully to all customer queries and complaints.


  • Offer additional insurance products as needed based on the purchase.
  • Keep in regular contact with customers, such as by sending reminders to have their vehicle serviced or about upcoming deals. However, be sure you have their consent before doing so.

Trust & Loyalty in the Motor Trade

When drivers take their car into a garage because of an issue, 78% of women and 62% of men believe that the garage would likely overcharge them.

Where dealers are concerned, 56% of car buyers would value a long-term post-sale relationship with the dealer they bought from, yet only 22% of dealers established one.

These statistics show that there is room for improvement in the way customers view both garages and dealerships, so it pays to get ahead of the game and nurture strong relationships with your customers.