Flood Season is Here: How to Recover After Natural Disasters

Flooded Street

The Met Office recently announced storm names for 2018-19, meaning flood season is officially here and set to make waves across the UK once again.

In recent years, the threat of flooding has increased significantly, and these rough waters don’t appear to be leaving anytime soon. In fact, the Met Office predicted climate change could potentially make heavy downpours five times more likely by the end of the century.

Don’t let your organisation sink during flood season. Stay afloat with the following natural disaster recovery tips.

Create a flood plan

During natural disasters, preparation is key. Be sure that your organisation has a comprehensive flood plan that includes the following crucial considerations:

  • A list of all important contacts, such as building services, suppliers and evacuation contacts for your employees. In addition, consider using Floodline, which allows you to receive flood warnings from the government when they arise.
  • A detailed map that highlights the location of important property, protective materials and service shut-off points.
  • An outline of basic strategies for protecting your organisation’s property, keeping your employees safe, preventing business disruption and establishing effective recovery efforts.
  • Checklists of procedures for staff to follow during a flood.

Assess your risks

Apart from the flood itself, natural disasters can create a domino effect of other issues occurring within your business if you aren’t prepared. Implement mitigation measures to ensure that additional risks are under control during a flood. This could include locking windows and doors, making sure any workplace chemicals, oils or other hazardous substances are stored safely and will not contaminate the floodwater, having backup plans for broken supply chains and potentially finding another location to continue key business operations during a flood.

Keep your employees in mind

Make sure your employees know what to do in the event of a flood. You can help prepare them by providing flood safety information in employee manuals and flood safety training.

Get insurance cover for your business

Finally, provide your organisation with ultimate peace of mind by purchasing proper cover to protect against flood damage. If you have any concerns about your insurance cover and flooding, contact us on 0161 929 1851 to find out what can be done to protect your business.