GDPR Guidance – Use our Consent Checklist before it’s too late!

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Making sure you are compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a must to protect your business in 2018.

We have previously discussed GDPR and its implications, with a number of businesses still not fully prepared for the impact of the new regulations which come into effect in little more than 8 months' time.

To this end - and on the back of further enquiries into how we can help our clients with preparation for GDPR and compliance with the new rules - we have put together a simple checklist around obtaining consent under the new regulations.

By answering 20 simple Yes or No questions, you will know where your efforts need to be focussed to maintain compliance with the new rules.  The checklist also provides basic information and guidance to make it as simple as possible to implement the best practices to avoid costly fines or damage to your reputation that could be caused by non-compliance.

Get your copy of our checklist here.

Need further help?

Once you've assessed your current position, if you need further assistance with managing GDPR compliance, general risk management advice, or insurance cover for cyber liabilities, then get in touch with the team at Bollington.  We are on-hand to assist with any queries you may have with regards to managing risk and ensuring you are suitably covered with the relevant insurance for any risks you may face.

Whether you are an existing Bollington client or are looking to use our services for the first time, we can offer cyber insurance and bespoke risk management to meet your needs.  Call 01625 854300 for an initial discussion with our risk management team.