Government Guidance to Help Online Selling

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UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), the government programme that works with UK-based businesses to help ensure their success in international markets, has introduced the e-Exporting Programme to help encourage UK online retail exports. The programme helps expose UK retailers and brands to international e-marketplaces, which are online locations that provide a platform for retailers of all sizes to do business through e-commerce. And because UKTI has identified more than 400 e-marketplaces worldwide, the programme is expected to succeed.

One reason for the projected financial success of the programme is that it provides UK retailers and brands with discounted rates for listing their products on major e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon (US), Mercado Libre (Latin America) and Alibaba (China).

The e-Exporting Programme offers the following six benefits to UK retailers and brands:

  1. Access to a Digital Trade Advisor to discuss export plans
  2. Help and advice on how to build both a business’ online and e-commerce presence
  3. Expanded reach for a company’s brand
  4. Identification of new international e-marketplaces
  5. Assistance setting up an e-marketplace
  6. Invitations to events and webinars discussing retail/e-commerce opportunities

For businesses interested in entering the e-marketplace for the first time, the programme provides assistance with registering crucial marketplace information—such as trademark, website URL and tax—as well as establishing other marketing and related services.

With the majority of the globe wired and well-connected, your business can benefit from establishing an e-commerce presence. For more information on how your business can benefit from the e-Exporting Programme, schedule a meeting with your nearest UKTI representative here: