Half of Workers Don’t Know Basic H&S Rules

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According to the HSE, last year 144 employees were killed at work and 1.3 million people suffered from a work-related illness.

Yet a staggering 58 per cent of employees are unfamiliar with their organisation’s health and safety (H&S) practices, according to a study conducted by international safety barrier manufacturer, A-SAFE.

What’s more, 60 per cent of polled employees admitted that they do not always follow all of their company’s H&S practices. This is especially troubling as a majority of the polled employees were unable to correctly identify common safety symbols displayed around their workplace.

To ensure that your employees are informed and prepared for a health and safety incident, be sure to follow these three practices:

1. Provide employees with annual, basic first-aid training. This should include what to do during common workplace injuries—such as back and head injuries—as well as warning signs of common conditions—such as poisonings, concussions and mental health problems.
2. Explain what each safety symbol and sign means. In addition, you may want to post supplemental signs in order to help clarify safety guidance.
3. Schedule quarterly fire, severe weather, intruder and injury drills in addition to regular health and safety inspections.

For specific advice on implementing the right Health and Safety practices within your business, please contact Bollington's risk management team.