Health and Safety Fines Keep Rising


Two years on from stricter Sentencing Council guidelines, what's changed?

2nd February was the second anniversary of the Sentencing Council’s new, stricter sentencing guidelines for corporate manslaughter, food safety and hygiene offences, and health and safety offences. During that time, the courts have not been shy about imposing new guidelines, as the value of all HSE fines in 2016-17 totalled £69.9 million, an 80 per cent increase over the previous year. What’s more, the average fine amount increased to £126,000, more than double the average amount in 2015-16 (£58,000).

To ensure that your organisation prioritises health and safety and avoids the serious repercussions from these new fines, the simplest solution is to be HSE compliant. It is also the cheapest solution, as the average cost of compliance is 65 per cent cheaper than the average HSE fine, according to health and safety consultants, Arinite. In addition to remaining compliant, consider the following:

  • Conduct a thorough risk management and health and safety review of your premises and policies.
  • Provide annual comprehensive safe work practices training for all your employees.
  • Schedule an annual inspection from a health and safety consultant.

Require help with your risk management arrangements?

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