Is your business Covid-secure?

Use our FREE risk management templates to help create a Covid-secure workplace


With lockdown easing, businesses are reopening or increasing the number of employees that can work on-site. As this happens, it’s vital that the risk of coronavirus being contracted by staff, contractors and external visitors is minimised.

We can help.

For a limited time, we are providing FREE Covid-secure risk management templates to help you:

  • Assess the risks involved
  • Address how those risks can be mitigated
  • Assist with planning, preparation and implementation of return to work measures

What You’ll Get

Your free, editable templates will include:

Coronavirus: Stay Alert to Stay Safe

A Staff Handbook template with 15 sections covering everything from government risk assessments to safe systems of work. Designed to reassure your employees and offer a point of reference for Covid-related issues.  [Microsoft Word editable]

Covid-19 Risk assessment template

Our template covers a wide range of risks, which you can adapt to the needs of your business. These include:

  • Control measures to prevent Covid-19 virus transmission
  • A 31-point assessment of the business’ vulnerability/susceptibility to the virus, and operational risks identified
  • Covid-related fire, legionella, and first aid risks
  • Communication to staff, particularly vulnerable people
  • Inspection and maintenance of lifting equipment and pressure systems
  • Additional hazards identified  [Microsoft Word editable]

NHS posters

A pack of posters to be displayed at relevant, strategic locations in the workplace. [Adobe PDF, ready to use]

Act on any areas relevant to your business; leave out what you don’t need.


Get your FREE risk management templates.

Bringing people back to work safely

In deciding whether your employees should return to their usual workplace, there are various things to consider:

  • Is it essential that they return? Can they work effectively at home, or do they need to be physically present on-site to carry out their role?
  • Is it safe? This requires a detailed risk assessment. Our free templates can guide you, but professional assistance is available from the Bollington Risk Management team.  In addition to the usual safe systems of work, social distancing, cleanliness, safety to travel to and from work, PPE, signage and a range of other considerations must be addressed.
  • Have you agreed the return with staff? You need the cooperation of your employee before asking them to return to their workplace.  Managing anxiety by demonstrating you have considered their safety and have appropriate plans in place will help ease concerns about returning.
  • What happens if staff fall ill at work? What will the impact be on other members of staff should this happen?  Certain instances of suspected coronavirus or potential exposure to the virus are reportable under RIDDOR regulations.

Having assessed all the above, you can plan each phase of returning employees to the workplace.

What are the consequences of getting this wrong?

Stopping the spread of coronavirus and keeping employees safe is of paramount importance. Because of this:

  • All businesses could be subject to HSE inspections to assess whether they are ‘Covid-secure.’
  • The HSE can suspend work where they have evidence that employers are not following the stated guidance.
  • The HSE can issue fines to businesses for non-compliance.
  • Claims against you and your company from employees or members of the public contracting coronavirus could be extremely costly.
  • Failure to comply with the guidelines not only has consequences for your business and its employees, but also society at large.
  • All of this can have a financial and reputational impact on your business.

Getting it right before bringing employees back to the workplace mitigates the risk of issues arising. It helps everyone resume work in an orderly way, while ensuring everybody’s safety.

Bollington Risk Management are here to help

Bollington Risk Management is helping businesses of all sizes to create a ‘Covid-secure’ working environment, carrying out thorough risk assessments and helping employers to manage health and safety.

Our team of specialist risk managers can attend site or conduct virtual (video) reviews for businesses of all sizes, wherever you are in the country.

Not only are we hard at work carrying out Covid-secure and general risk assessments, we can also offer help with:

  • Bespoke Health & Safety Management. Further tailored advice and support to ensure a Covid-secure environment.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning. Assistance with creating robust, actionable plans to cater for a wide range of circumstances.

Your risk assessments will be carried out by a fully qualified, highly knowledgeable person.  Our team of experts boast decades of experience in dealing with all manner of workplace risks.

Our service is suitable for businesses of all sizes, offering reassurance that your plans to create a ‘Covid-secure’ workplace are well considered and compliant with regulations.

For an informal discussion of your circumstances, give our team a call on 0800 612 3655.