The Legislative and Regulatory Risks Threatening Your D&Os

Office Staff

Over the past several years, UK legislation and regulations have greatly expanded the potential number of risks that directors and officers (D&Os) may have to handle.

To protect your D&Os, guard against these five legislative and regulatory risks in 2018:

1. Companies Act 2006—This outlines the duties and responsibilities of directors and officers. Most often, legal action is brought when directors and officers act outside their powers and do not promote the success of the company.
2. Employment Law—Employees can file claims for unfair dismissal along with harassment and discrimination, with the latter having an uncapped fine limit.
3. Modern Slavery Act—Organisations with a global turnover of at least £36 million are required to submit an annual statement that outlines the steps taken to ensure modern slavery is not taking
place within their business and supply chains, which must be approved by the board and signed by a director.
4. Criminal Finances Act—Directors of organisations that fail to prevent staff from facilitating tax evasion could be found liable for an employee’s actions.
5. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) —Organisations that don’t comply with the GDPR could face fines up to €20 million or 4 per cent of the organisation’s worldwide annual turnover,
whichever one is higher. Directors who fail to prioritise GDPR compliance could be held personally liable.

You can further protect your D&Os by ensuring that you have sufficient D&O insurance cover. Contact Bollington for more information and a quote for your business.