Make the Most of the MOT Boom

Mechanic working on car

Three years on from record car sales, the suggestion is that a record number of cars will now fall due for their first MOT

Although new cars don’t require an MOT test until the third anniversary of their vehicle registration, recent research revealed that 2019 will bring an unprecedented demand for MOT tests to car dealers and workshops.

This MOT ‘boom’ is expected to take place as a result of 2016’s record-setting year in new car sales. Put simply, more than 2.6 million vehicles purchased in 2016 will be due for their MOT test this year.

How to prepare for the MOT boom

Throughout the remainder of 2019, it’s crucial to ensure that your motor trade business is making the most of this MOT boom and communicating with customers and prospective customers who purchased new cars in 2016.

Though existing dealerships will likely be doing this as a matter of course, independent garages and MOT stations can still capitalise on the demand and use this MOT boom as an opportunity to provide customers with good quality service at sensible prices. Targeting the local community you serve with specific messages and/or offers to come to you for their first MOT could encourage them to visit you.

Take advantage

With this many vehicles due their MOT for the first time, make sure your MOT station stays busy through the rest of the year by picking up some of the additional work required to keep these vehicles on the road

Forgetful drivers - help them out

While it is a legal requirement, many drivers unwittingly forget when their MOT is due. Setting up a text reminder service of your own, or encourgaing customers to sign up to the reminder service at can help to ensure that when the time comes for MOT renewal in 2020, drivers will return to you again.

And as more car buyers return to you for an MOT test, you can promote future vehicle services and sales.