National Road Victim Month

Breakdown Recovery

Bollington backs safer roads for drivers, passengers and recovery operators at the scene of vehicle breakdowns

With the return of Roadpeace’s ‘National Road Victim Month’, Bollington would once again like to promote awareness of road safety, honouring people who have been lost and injured at the roadside.

Bollington Insurance back the mission to create safer roads.


Bollington is at the forefront of insuring the motor trade and recovery industry. We are therefore equally prominent in supporting road safety initiatives.

We support both the Slow Down, Move Over (SDMO) and Professional Recovery Operators Federation (PROF) campaigns to heighten the awareness of the issues faced by recovery operators while out on the road.

We are strong advocates of each organisation’s mission, backing their vision to build a culture of awareness for all road users, ultimately making the roads a much safer place.

We provide sponsorship for both organisations which, in turn, helps them to operate and push out their messages to keep vehicle recovery operators safe while out on patrol.

How is this mission being pushed out?


Both SDMO and PROF understand the need for safety at the roadside and believe that for fatalities to be reduced, a high-profile public campaign is needed to ensure drivers pay due care and attention when out on the road. With the presence that we hold on social platforms and our attendance at motor trade events, we believe we can assist in raising awareness through such publicity.

Along with public campaigns, SDMO are also focused on educating the public, creating awareness, and training those who are working at the roadside to keep themselves and passengers safe.

PROF has also recently set up a campaign to provide recovery operators with red flashing warning beacons to increase visibility on the roads whilst performing their duties. This campaign was addressed to the Secretary of State of Transport and attracted various signatures from MPs to back this change within the industry. This campaign gained positive feedback and is just one of PROF’s missions to create a united industry, safety and best working practices.

As previously mentioned, we attend many motor trade events around the country, and you will notice we promote SDMO’s message at these events, while also looking to do the same with PROF in the near future.