Never Assume Your Health and Safety Plan is Evergreen. Review it Today.

Andy Barnes

Bollington Risk Management discusses the importance of reviewing your Health and Safety plan.

Last year, there were 1.3 million work-related illnesses and 600,000 non-fatal injuries to workers, according to the HSE. If enough of your workers are affected by injuries and illnesses, it can take a significant toll on your organisation. In fact, work-related ill health cost employers 31.2 million working days and the UK economy £14.9 billion. Thankfully, the solution to reduce the impact of similar incidents at your organisation is rather simple—have a robust health and safety plan.

It is best to annually review your health and safety plan to make sure that it’s still effective, up to date and has no gaps. To help with your health and safety review, consider the following guidance:

Plan — Think about your health and safety goals and how to achieve them. Go over the previous year’s health and safety incidents and identify why they occurred.
Do — Outline each potential risk and develop a plan to reduce the likelihood of them happening, then implement it.
Check — Measure the performance of your health and safety plan and how well you are controlling your risks.
Act — Review your performance and make any necessary changes to your health and safety plan.

Remember that having a health and safety plan is not enough—you should encourage and support health and safety at all levels of your organisation.

Andy Barnes, Director of Risk Management at Bollington, says: “Bollington often sees companies for the first time following an accident when they have not reviewed their Health and Safety arrangements frequently enough, which can lead to serious consequences.

“We are more than happy to assist companies with the implementation of Health & Safety Management, and particularly risk assessments, providing bespoke, cost-effective help and advice to ensure the specific challenges of any business are effectively met.”

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