New Charities Act Fundraising Rules

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On November 1st 2016, the new Charities Act fundraising rules came into force.

These new rules affect charities with a gross income of at least £1 million, or charities whose total assets (before liabilities) exceed £3.26 million and whose gross income is at least £250,000. If your organisation meets either of those stipulations, you must adhere to one or both of the following requirements:

1. The compulsory written agreement(s) between a charity—registered or unregistered—and a professional fundraiser or commercial participator used to raise funds must include the following information:

    • The scheme for regulating fundraising or recognised fundraising standards that will apply to the professional fundraiser in carrying out the agreement
    • How the professional fundraiser will protect the public from unreasonably intrusive or persistent fundraising approaches and undue pressure to donate
    • How charities will monitor the professional fundraiser’s compliance

2. Registered charities must have their accounts audited and need to include the following extra information about fundraising in their trustees’ annual report:

    • The organisation’s approach to fundraising
    • The organisation’s work with, and oversight of, any commercial participators and/or professional fundraisers
    • How the organisation’s fundraising conforms to recognised standards
    • How the organisation monitors the fundraising carried out on its behalf
    • Whether there were any fundraising complaints
    • The organisation’s scheme to protect the public from unreasonably intrusive or persistent fundraising approaches and undue pressure to donate

For more information about the new Charities Act fundraising rules, visit the Fundraising Regulator’s official FAQ page.