New Tech Can Help Your Business

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Over the course of the past several years, technological innovations such as smartphones and near universal Wi-Fi have become deeply ingrained in our professional processes. Some of these advancements may provide your business with beneficial tools, which could help streamline and enrich your operations. You would be remiss if you did not consider the benefits from the following types of new technology:

Transport Developments

  • Intelligent smart traffic management systems, which will improve traffic flow and save UK businesses an estimated £2.5 billion annually
  • Infrastructure Plan 2050, which aims to develop and install kinetic pavements in London in order to harvest the energy of pedestrians and turn it into electricity for the city
  • Telematics: a whole range of equipment and software designed to make driver and fleet management easier, including instant reporting of accidents to claims managers and insurers. Available here through Bollington.

Manufacturing Developments

  • 3-D printers, which could allow businesses to manufacture their own products in-house or sell digital, downloadable copies of their product designs to customers
  • Robotics and the automation of tasks are expected to account for 45 per cent of all manufacturing jobs within the next decade, according to industry experts

Safety and Security Developments

  • Smart security devices, such as cameras or alarms, which can recognise suspicious behaviour and alert both you and the authorities of any potential malicious activity

Cloud computing is currently used by nearly 40 per cent of all SMEs to store sensitive and customer data, according to industry estimates.

All of these technological advances - and many more besides - are shaping the course of development in modern business.  Keep up to pace with insurance that is matched to technological needs - including cyber and crime cover - with Bollington business insurance.