Protecting the health and wellbeing of your employees

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A round-up of employee benefits and support services

Why supporting employees is so important

There’s no need to tell anybody how unsettling 2020 has been. Life has changed considerably for everybody.

There are a range of circumstances people find themselves in:

  • Some will be concerned for their physical health, anxious about the possibility of contracting Covid-19 and the consequences for them or their families.
  • Some will already have seen the devastating impact on close family or friends. They may be worried about returning to their normal place of work.
  • Others will have financial concerns, losing some or all their income. They could be working in a sector or business that has been unable to function or has had to scale back operations.
  • Yet more will have missed normal social interaction. They could be suffering poor mental health. They may be living alone and missing their friends, or stressed with their domestic circumstances.

All these concerns are valid. Sometimes, employees will be affected by several of these things at once.

As your insurance broker, our priority is to protect you and your employees in difficult times. So, we want to make you aware of several services we can offer to help protect the physical and mental health and wellbeing of your staff.

They are solutions that provide great value to help your people gain confidence, certainty and direction. They also ensure you are regarded as a good employer and can be trusted to look after their needs.

Group Income Protection

Group Income Protection provides employees with financial and rehabilitation support when they are unable to work due to long-term illness or injury.

During the coronavirus pandemic, this cover has offered peace-of-mind for those already affected by illness or injury, so they can focus on a return to health and work rather than worrying about their circumstances.

Depending on the insurer, the policy can also respond to certain mental health conditions that may have a debilitating affect on employees, making it difficult for them to work and function normally. Again, this could prove useful during challenging times.

We provide good value cover from a range of insurers, making arranging cover easy for you. This additional benefit also shows employees that you focus on their health and wellbeing, enhancing your reputation.

For help, advice and information on Group Income Protection, call Jonathan Shepherd on 07971 537337

Healthy Minds Employee Assistance Programme

Bollington has teamed up with BUPA to offer this impressive 24/7 online and phone support service for employees.

Priced at just £10 per person per year, this service offers access to qualified counsellors, financial and legal helplines, a family and relationship helpline, health advice, and much more.

This is an inexpensive way of offering support for all employees, whatever their circumstances.

Covid-19 testing and support services

Right now, these services are proving useful to businesses of all sizes.

We can offer:

  • Online risk assessments for employees, to assess their fitness to return to work
  • Covid-19 testing – both antigen and antibody testing, to show if your employee has got the virus or has already had it
  • Temperature checking – advice with setting up a process or tests performed for you

Find out more about the Healthy Minds Employee Assistance Programme and Covid-19 testing and support services here.

More than just an insurance broker

Protecting your business and helping you grow and develop in future is about more than just insurance.

That’s why we offer a full range of services, including health and safety management, risk assessments, employee benefits packages, trade credit insurance, and much more.

We work in partnership with businesses of all sizes to offer all the help and support you need, whatever circumstances you face.

For more information on the support services we provide, contact us on 0161 929 1851.