Reduce the risk of accidents in your motor trade business

Mechanic fixing engine with wrench

Our high-level A-Z guide of risks in the motor trade

Working in the motor trade can be a great job. Fixing cars to keep people moving. Helping people upgrade their vehicles and give them a sense of satisfaction. Recovering vehicles from the scene of a breakdown or accident, keeping everyone safe.

However, all these jobs carry a range of risks. From the dangers of working with moving vehicles and parts to handling hazardous substances and looking after high-value vehicles, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Looking after employees and customers is important. HSE inspections and prosecutions are always possible, and it could cost a lot of money and damage your reputation if you don’t have the right procedures in place.

Luckily, help is at hand.  Here’s our A-Z of motor trade risks, starting with Health and Safety.

While this is a high-level guide and doesn't cover every risk, it could help you to avoid accidents from happening. This can save you time and money in defending claims. And by reducing claims, you might even reduce your insurance premium in future, too.

To read this will take 10 minutes. You can bookmark it and refer to it as a guide to help you manage risks in your motor trade business.

Don’t have time for this? Bollington’s risk management team can help you manage everything and take the stress away from staying compliant with legislation. Click here for more details.


First up - Health and Safety Risks in the Motor Trade >>