How SMEs Can Reduce Energy Consumption and Save Money

How SMEs Can Reduce Energy Consumption and Save Money

Energy costs can be a significant drain on any business, but especially on SMEs, which typically have narrower profit margins than larger businesses.

Yet UK SMEs generally fail to prioritise energy efficiency. According to a Business Energy Index (BEI) survey, only 47 per cent of UK small businesses have methods in place to manage energy efficiency, despite the fact that 87 per cent of businesses reported an increase in energy costs during 2013, according to the Forum for Private Business.

Prioritising energy efficiency also shows a large margin for potential savings—the BEI survey found that 50 per cent of SMEs reported savings of up to 10 per cent directly stemming from implementing energy efficiency measures.

To reduce energy consumption and save your business money, follow these four top tips:

1. Stress to your employees the purpose of energy efficiency.
2. Lock your heating controls at a steady, appropriate setting.
3. Offer energy efficiency competitions to generate interest.
4. Invest in quick, easy ways to cut energy usage that do not require refitting facilities, such as Toilet Hippos that save water.