Studies Show Monthly Payments Are the Best Way to Pitch Cars

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Purchasing a car is a sizeable financial investment that many motorists will spend several years paying off. So, it can be a challenge to convince prospective car buyers to choose a particular car when the high price tag plays a big part in their final decision. However, some industry experts have adopted a new sales strategy which has been commonly used by mobile phone firms and websites in the past: Present the total cost in monthly payments instead.

This is reflective of the growing number of car buyers who are considering the monthly financial impact that a new car would have on their disposable income. To address this emerging consumer demand, recently incorporated a monthly payment search function to assist potential car buyers in finding the right car for their budgets. While the added feature is still relatively new, the customer response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Because a majority of Britons prefer the convenience and ease of shopping for a car online, allowing them to tailor their searches to reflect their monthly budgets is an invaluable resource for motor traders. The benefits of this strategy can be additionally extended when dealerships meet with prospective car buyers in person. As a motor trader, you need to be able to utilise any available tools that may help you close a sale. Increasingly, being able to offer competitive terms on finance - and other benefits, such as servicing - as part of a packaged deal forms a 'one-stop shop' for customers purchasing new or used vehicles.