Take Part in Stress Awareness Day This Month and Reap the Benefits

stressed at work

National Stress Awareness day takes place this month on 6th November.

This event is intended to raise awareness on the impacts of stress and emphasise the importance of stress management to promote overall wellbeing. On this day—and every day—it’s crucial for your organisation to help employees manage work-related stress.

While it might not seem like a priority, failure to implement stress management initiatives in the workplace can come with severe consequences—including absenteeism, presenteeism, staff turnover and decreased productivity levels. Try implementing the following initiatives to help employees manage work-related stress:

  • Provide employees with a variety of stress-management resources.
  • Allow flexible scheduling for access to wellbeing classes around work. Classes could include yoga and other physical activities, meditation and self-help groups.
  • Educate supervisors on how to recognise the signs of employee stress and offer adequate support.
  • Schedule regular events to reduce workplace stress, such as a company run or walk, five-a-side football or other sporting activity and exercise, and social events.


work stress infographic