Why car dealers need to go digital

Motor Trade Insurance Broker

Changes in technology, over the years, have revolutionised car buying for both dealer and customer.

According to Mckinsey & Company, almost 95% of customers interested in buying a vehicle attend car dealers who are up to date with the latest digital services. Further to this, 70% of customers are spending more time online when researching their car purchase, using services such as official vehicle websites, online forums and social media.

In an increasingly digital world, motor traders need to take advantage of quality digital marketing. Consider these best practices to ensure vehicle sales success:

  • Use social networking sites - Use your social media pages to engage with customers by responding to their comments or feedback and establishing your brand with creative, unique posts.
  • The importance of emails - Ignoring emails can turn away customers who feel they are being disregarded. In fact, a recent survey from CarGurus found that a quarter of consumers contact a dealer first via email, but half of those consumers experience poor response rates.
  • Invest in digital services - Don’t navigate digital marketing alone. Consider hiring experienced, knowledgeable experts to get results.

With cars themselves becoming ever more technologically involved, make sure your business stands out online and offers the support your customers need to make informed decisions about their purchases, and to maintain a healthy relationship with your business post-sale, too.

Although improvements in digital channels are allowing motor traders to reap the financial benefits, there comes an increasing need for protection against digital threats. While it might not seem an obvious requirement for a motor trader, cyber insurance can be a cost-effective way of insuring against digital threats alongside your motor trade insurance policy. Bollington have experts in this type of cover, which you may find is surprisingly affordable. Call us on 0161 929 1851 to speak to an expert in cyber insurance.