Do You Need Motor Fleet Cover?

Do You Need Motor Fleet Cover?

If your business has just a few vehicles, you may not think that qualifies as a ‘motor fleet’. The phrase conjures up images of packed car parks and endless queues of vehicles.

But whether your business has five or 500 vehicles, they can still be considered a motor fleet, and no matter the size of your fleet, you still face the hazard of corralling your vehicles and managing their extensive risks.

Rather than relying on standard motor insurance which only covers certain vehicles under certain policies, a motor fleet policy, which usually defines a fleet as at least five vehicles, can cover an assortment of vehicles with a variety of uses under one policy. This flexibility reduces the need for fleet oversight and thus lowers overall administrative costs. The average motor fleet policy is much more robust and flexible than standard motor insurance, reducing driver restrictions and allowing you to regularly add or remove vehicles from your policy.

Could your business benefit from motor fleet cover?

A bespoke motor fleet policy, bolstered with effective risk management, can reduce claims, streamline business operations and slash administrative costs. Consider adopting the following motor fleet best practices:

• Interview drivers to figure out what practices need changing.
• Study whether there are more efficient ways to allocate driving assignments and change routes.
• Enforce a mobile policy for your drivers that complies with the law and stresses driver safety.
• Establish clear rules for using safety equipment such as seat belts, first-aid kits and fire extinguishers.
• Adopt a ‘clean car’ policy which prohibits leaving any valuables in view and dictates that drivers can only park in secure places.

Ensure your vehicles are safe and roadworthy, and Bollington Insurance Brokers will look after your motor fleet insurance requirements.