How Facebook Can Help Boost Your Motor Trade Sales

Social Media Icons

Social media has become an invaluable tool for every industry—and motor traders need to catch up or risk being left behind as 'millennials' get older and car-buying habits have shifted online.

Indeed, 37 per cent of potential car buyers under the age of 54 said that Facebook was their preferred method to follow or ‘like’ a car dealer, according to research from Marketing Delivery. Even though a Facebook ‘like’ may seem inconsequential, it is, in fact, the first step to a sale.

Facebook offers low-cost advertising and a new tool, Facebook Dynamic Ads for Autos, which enables dealers to upload their vehicles with relevant details, including make, model, mileage and features. Once you have uploaded a vehicle’s information, the tool will automatically generate ads for a targeted audience. In addition, Facebook has introduced the tool, Facebook Lead Ads for Autos, which enables potential car buyers to upload their contact details—straight from their Facebook accounts—to receive more information posted by dealers.

Incorporating Facebook into your sales strategy can bolster your sales—especially with millennials, as 36 per cent would consider buying a car online. That trend is only expected to grow. However, regardless of who you sell a car to, your digital marketing must follow the General Data Protection Regulation guidelines, which can be found here.

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