Bollington Insurance offering free Covid-secure risk assessment templates to businesses

Bollington Insurance has announced that they are offering free Risk Assessment and Staff Handbook templates to businesses across the UK.

The templates are designed to supplement HSE guidance, giving businesses the opportunity to make workplaces as safe as possible for returning workers, contractors and visitors to business premises.

The downloadable, editable documents are also accompanied by a suite of NHS posters to display at appropriate locations in the business.

Andy Barnes, Director of Risk Management at Bollington, explains: “Our risk management team have been working flat out to help businesses as lockdown eases. We wanted to offer businesses some additional guidance to help them make their workplace Covid-secure.

“The aim is to help business owners consider all the areas that might be impacted by coronavirus. They can amend the templates to suit the needs of their business and their staff. This also highlights where any gaps in their knowledge lie, where they might need professional advice.”

To that end, Andy and his team offer a full range of bespoke services, including Covid-secure Risk Assessments, Health & Safety Support including activity-based Risk Assessments, Disaster Recovery Planning, and Fire Risk Assessments, to name but a few.

Andy continues: “With something as serious and deadly as coronavirus, lives are literally at stake. Our sole aim is to help everybody stay safe, and we have a team of experienced Risk Managers who can help businesses to do just that.”

“Even for businesses that have kept going through lockdown or have already started to return staff to the workplace, it’s never too late to make sure you’re doing the right things to promote a safe working environment.”

Find out more about the offer and download your copy of the risk management templates here, or contact Andy Barnes directly on 0800 612 3655.