Has Your Business Been Affected By Flooding?

Flooded Street

If you are one of the many businesses affected by the misery of the recent flooding in certain parts of the UK, then as flood waters recede, you will be looking to get your business back on track as soon as possible. Once the loss adjustor for the insurer has visited and your property is deemed to be stable, follow these simple steps to keep clean-up risks to a minimum.

• Make sure that you follow all Health and Safety precautions, e.g. wearing rubber gloves, boots and other personal protective clothing.
• Use caution when handling debris—it may be contaminated or harbour unseen sharp objects.
• Dispose of equipment only after notifying your insurer.
• Disinfect your property with ordinary household cleaners, following the manufacturer’s directions to ensure you are disinfecting properly. Let cleaned surfaces dry completely.
• Open a window and leave the building if you smell gas or hear blowing or hissing—these may be signs of a gas leak.
• Operate electrical equipment only if the ground is dry—never in or near water!
• If water taps have been submerged in contaminated flood water, clean with a bleach solution. Let the water run for 30 seconds prior to using it.
• Drain water away in stages to avoid discrepancies between the water pressure inside and outside your building. Likewise, shovel any mud from your premises in stages to keep inside and outside pressure even.
• Use a pump and generator to remove water. Position the generator outside in the open air if it produces carbon monoxide. Pump out water once the flood levels outside your property are lower than inside. Keep windows and doors open (weather permitting) to expedite drying, but never sacrifice building security.
• Dry your building using a combination of fans, industrial heaters and dehumidifiers. Your insurer may provide these tools. Leave central heating on at 20°C or above to encourage drying if it is safe.

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