Half of Britons are more productive working from home

Half of Britons are more productive working from home

Recent research has suggested that more than half of British employees think that they work better from home than in an office environment.

A study entitled Small Office/Home Office Workers Report, conducted by CartridgePeople, discovered that around 57 per cent of Britons say they are more productive when working from home. This compared to only five per cent of people who admitted that they were less productive whenever they worked from home. Additionally, around 60 per cent of the more than 1,000 people surveyed by CartridgePeople said that they were far happier working from home compared to an office or similar communal workspace.

If you run a business from your home or are thinking about leaving the rat race to set up your own business from the comfort of your own sofa, be sure to take out adequate home business insurance to cover yourself in case any stock you keep on the premises is stolen or damaged by fire or flooding, or if anyone injures themselves while visiting your home office, for example.

More than a quarter of people working from home in the UK said that they work around their family and friends, while 38 per cent said that they tend to work from home outside of regular office hours.

Andrew Davies, a spokesperson for CartridgePeople, said of the figures: "When people think about home working, it is easy to wrongly assume that many home workers spend their days getting easily distracted or procrastinating by watching TV or chatting to family members.

"This data has proven the opposite is actually true — home working clearly allows workers to focus more, with fewer distractions such as the temptation to join in on tea rounds or having unnecessary meetings with colleagues."