OFTEC urges tradesmen to be aware of contract regulations

OFTEC urges tradesmen to be aware of contract regulations

OFTEC has urged oil and renewables industry players to make sure they understand their responsibilities to their customers and to take the correct measures to protect themselves from potential financial losses.

The trade association for the oil and renewables industry in the UK, says that all technicians working in the industry and accepting contracts with members of the public are affected by the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013.

Regulations such as these are in place to protect customers, but technicians also need to be aware of how the regulations impact them. Taking out comprehensive tradesman insurance can go a long way to protecting your business and your customers in a variety of situations.

The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 covers information, cancellation and additional charges. Much of the content of the regulations refers to information being offered in writing to reduce ambiguity on the part of the technician or the customer.

OFTEC says that some technicians in the oil and renewables industry have incurred losses after relying on verbal contracts with potential customers, only to see them pull out after expensive equipment has already been purchased.

In a statement, OFTEC explained that a casual approach to working can leave small businesses out of pocket: "Unfortunately it is often only after getting their fingers burnt as a result of not agreeing an effective contract of work, that technicians realise the importance of this area.

"Providing written quotes with clear terms and conditions should be a basic requirement for a professional heating business. However, due to a mixture of ignorance of the law and complacency, some heating businesses still operate in a casual way."