Employees concerned about lack of health and safety at work

Employees concerned about lack of health and safety at work

Some 25 per cent of UK workers said they feel that their employers are failing to meet health and safety standards, according to new research carried out by an injury claims specialist.

Hudgell Solicitors talked to workers about how they feel, with regards to their health, safety and wellbeing at work and found that a quarter feel their employers aren't maintaining proper health and safety standards, with 45 per cent claiming they would worry about future repercussions of taking action against their employer should they be injured at work.

Employers have a duty of care towards their employers and must ensure they follow UK health and safety standards to the letter. They should also take out employers' liability insurance to make sure their employees are protected should an accident happen in the workplace. Employees can still make claims against an employer some three years after an accident takes place, so companies should take note.

One in four of those questioned by the solicitors said they knew of someone who had been injured in a workplace accident. This isn't all that surprising in light of the fact that 611,000 workplace accidents took place in the UK in 2014/2015, including 142 fatalities.

Matt Tuff of Hudgell Solicitors commented: “The simple fact is that an employer has a responsibility to its staff to ensure their safety at all times, and injuries suffered can have a long-term impact on an individual’s health, and their family life if they are unable to work and earn for a significant amount of time.

“We know some people fear possible repercussions, but companies have to do all they can to protect their staff from injury or illness. They have liability insurance and, for the most part, an accident at work is likely to be covered by their policy."