Flood damaged Kendal shop reopens to public

Flood damaged Kendal shop reopens to public

A shop that was severely damaged in the December floods that hit Cumbria and other parts of the UK has reopened its doors to the public after five months, reports The Westmorland Gazette.

The Sandylands Spar store in Kendal, which has been under the ownership of Sharon Walker for the past 34 years, was nearly destroyed by Storm Desmond at the tail end of 2015. Walker described the storm and resulting damage as “absolute carnage” and was forced to close the business for five months to carry out repairs. "It looked like a tidal wave had gone through like a bomb had gone off in the shop," she added.

Flood damage can be disastrous for any business and because of the unpredictability of UK weather and with so many areas susceptible to flooding, one unexpected severe storm can trigger widespread damage. Therefore, it’s wise to review and update your flood plan annually. But remember that even if you are prepared, flood damage can still occur, so be sure also to have a good level of business insurance in place to cover your business for all eventualities.

The forced closure of the shop was not just a blow for Walker, but it also affected many other people in the community, especially those that struggled to get to bigger stores out of town.

"It's not just a shop, it's a community space," Walker added. "Older people come in to have a chat and have a coffee. It's been tough for the community. Getting the shop back open will improve morale in the area."