Food factory back in business after blaze

Food factory back in business after blaze

A food business which suffered a major fire in its cold store is now trading again, a week after the blaze which took firefighters all night to bring under control.

The fire started in the storage building at Hubertus Game in Pitlochry, then spread to a neighbouring garage. There were concerns that the flames may also reach nearby properties, but firecrews managed to contain it.

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An investigation by police and firefighters has concluded that the fire at Hubertus Game was not started deliberately. But owner Marko Thoss still does not know what caused it to break out.

He told The Courier: “We’re still not really sure what happened. We are waiting to get a report back on the fire investigation.

“It was terrible. We lost our cold store and quite a few machines, as well as a lot of our product. The main thing is that no one was hurt.”

The food supplier has been trading for two decades, providing mainly small game and venison to customers. The factory itself was not affected by the fire and trading has resumed following the investigation into the blaze.

However, the workshop operated by neighbouring Gordon Tyres was destroyed in the incident.

It took firecrews from five stations around six hours to bring the fire under control. Explosions were heard from the cold store and garage, and local people were concerned the blaze was going to spread to homes next to the factory.

Police said the cause of the fire was not suspicious and it is believed it may have been caused by an electrical fault.