Furniture firm will be ‘back to business within weeks of fire’

Furniture firm will be ‘back to business within weeks of fire’

The owner of a Daventry furniture business says he will not turn customers away after a fire severely damaged his workshop.

The fire broke out in Home Joinery's workshop last week due to an electrical fault, according to the owner John Barnstable. He explained that, although there may be more time needed to fulfil orders while the business gets back up and running, he would not be turning away business.

Small firms, including retailers such as Home Joinery, need to make sure they have up to date business insurance in order to protect themselves against damage caused by fire or flood. Having adequate insurance in place allows business owners to get back on their feet quickly, avoiding loss of business and reputation.

Barnstable told reporters at the Daventry Express that the area affected by the fire was actually an area set aside for finished pieces of furniture. He added that the fire was fast to spread due to all the wood in the workshop.

“The fire really damaged the upper level. The roof will have to be replaced after bits have buckled. The floorboards upstairs will need to be replaced, but the steel joists look like they’re okay," explained Barnstable.

He added: “We need to have all our machines downstairs checked – there was a lot of smoke and of course water from the firefighters – but it does all look relatively okay."

Despite the damage, he added that the business would only take a matter of weeks to get back on its feet again. “I think it will be a couple of weeks to get the roof sorted, and a couple more to get the workshop up and running again," he added.