Investigation into council worker injured by molten liquid

Investigation into council worker injured by molten liquid

An investigation has been launched into an incident where a council worker was splashed with molten thermoplastic whilst painting lines on a road in Oxfordshire.

The unnamed person was employed on a sub-contractual basis by engineering company Skanska when the incident took place on Sunday 13 March 2016.

It is understood that a passing car accidentally hit the barrow used to paint lines, spilling a quantity of molten thermoplastic onto the worker, who was subsequently rushed to hospital.

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Paul Smith, a spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council Highways, said of the incident: "The injured person was taken to hospital where they received treatment.

“They have now been discharged and are expected to make a full recovery. The team involved followed the robust health and safety procedures in place. They administered first aid immediately. Skanska is fully investigating the incident in order to avoid any future occurrence.”

An Oxfordshire County Council worker told the Oxford Mail that the paint left at the scene will be chipped away.