Juicing shop back in business after fire

Juicing shop back in business after fire

A healthy drinks shop that was devastated by fire last summer has reopened its doors and is rebuilding its business.

Fruit2Juice in Liverpool was forced to close after a fire started in a juicer that had been left on standby overnight, and caused extensive smoke damage to the property and its contents.

A good level of business insurance and shop insurance is vital to protect your business, premises and contents against accidents such as fire. Having a decent policy can help you to get back on track in the event of unforeseen problems that would otherwise wreck your business.

Fruit2Juice is now working to get the business back to the level it had reached before the fire in July last year. It reopened just before Christmas and owner Anthony Welsh is working to re-establish his customer base.

He told the Liverpool Echo: “Obviously it was a very stressful time when it was shut - there was a lot of pressure on the family and there was obviously less money around.

“The main aim was to push the business forward and I got stopped in my tracks. It was going really well, the shop was getting really busy and we had more staff in. I am just trying to get back to that point now.”

The business sells smoothies, juices, healthy food and protein drinks and is aimed at people who want to follow a healthy lifestyle. It also offers courses, where participants take three or five day juice and water detox programmes. The current popularity of juicing for health benefits has attracted new customers.

“There are a few people who have never known about juicing but they come in the shop and they learn about it,” said Mr Welsh.

“People come back saying their blood pressure has dropped and saying they are happy with the health benefits.”