One door closes and another opens for retail family

One door closes and another opens for retail family

A family-owned department store that had been trading for more than a century has finally closed its doors, but the final generation of the family has revealed plans to open a new retail outlet.

Tyrers in St Helens was the oldest department store on Merseyside that was still in the founding family’s hands, 128 years after it opened for business. But Ali Tyrer, whose great-grandfather started the shop, said she had taken the difficult decision to close because she could not compete with cheaper rivals. However, once the dust has settled, she is planning to open a small fashion shop.

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Ms Tyrer said she was looking forward to a short break before she launches her new shop.

She told The Liverpool Echo: “I’m going to have a bit of a rest, but then do what my great-granddad did and open a small shop with a small loan in Rainford.

“I’m looking forward to taking everything I’ve learnt and putting it into something else. I think it will be ladies' wear and a small amount of babies’ wear.”

She said the past two weeks when the department store was closing had been the hardest of her life and she had been overwhelmed by the support and sympathy received from local people.

“My biggest surprise was people’s reaction - there was no negativity towards me, people said they understood and congratulated us on going so long. I really needed that for my own closure, and I’m humbled,” added Ms Tyrer.

“I have kept saying what a privilege it’s been to have the opportunity to be involved in something so special. I’m really proud, and it's made me the person I am today.”