Spillard cuts risk for construction companies

Spillard cuts risk for construction companies

Spillard Safety Systems is winning the war on vehicle blind spots, saving lives and lowering insurance costs for the construction industry as a result, reports the Express.

The West Midlands manufacturing firm is a family-run business that specialises in making, supplying and installing industrial camera and video systems to enable operators to work safely in difficult terrain.

Investing in accident prevention technologies is a must for the construction and haulier industries. It is a company’s responsibility to ensure the safety of its employees at work. As well as good health and safety policies, your business should also consider employers’ liability insurance in addition to your general business insurance.

Spillard Safety Systems is currently expanding, and is expected to push turnover towards £4 million, with a 20 per cent growth rate predicted this year.

Peter Spillard, Managing Director and Co-Owner, said: “One of the biggest causes of injuries and deaths in the quarrying, plant hire and building sectors is the blind spots on mobile equipment. Our company’s crusade has been to get rid of them and deliver maximum visibility.

“We’ve succeeded by offering a comprehensive service, including a free analysis, on site assessment to show the gaps and recording them in an online library so users can see the trouble areas on hundreds of vehicles.”

Mr Spillard added: “Customers can choose from curved mirrors and multiple cameras mounted in strategic positions giving an all-round bird’s eye view, to our Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems and warning lights. We offer voice alerts too for operators which are more effective than bleeps.”

Spillard Safety Systems counts among its clients some of the big blue chip companies, such as Tarmac, Skanska, Hanson and Balfour Beattie.

Mr Spillard said: “The UK leads the safety market. Our sales are 80 per cent domestic, although we are looking at finding a dealer network overseas although this is not easy.”